Debbie Clarke Belichick with her ex-husband Bill Belichick

Debby Clarke Belichick is now living an independent life far from the media and the public eye. After all, she is the one who ended the relationship with her husband, Bill Belichick.

Relationships have their ups and downs. Some live with it, while some break free. It is better to be open than keep living in a toxic environment. But it is evident that the name will be stuck with you forever.

Since the divorce, Debby has lived a secluded life. In fact, many people suspect whether Debby is still alive or dead. Well, if you want to know, then you better read the rest of the article.

Debby Belichick

Before let you know about her well-being, let’s make ourselves familiar with some facts!

Debbie Clarke Belichick: Facts

 Date of Birth: 1955
 Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Debby Clarke Belichick
Birth Name Debby Clarke
Nick Name Debby
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Nashville, Tennessee
Ethnicity White
Profession Businesswoman
Children Stephen Belichick, Brian Belichick, and Amanda Belichick.
Divorce Bill Belichick

Debby Clarke Belichick: Early Life and Career

Debby Clarke Belichick, formerly known as Debby Clarke, was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee. Also, Clarke is American, while her ethnicity is white. Any further information regarding the ex-wife cannot be found.

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Moreover, Debby was a Nashville based entrepreneur who owns a tile store, The Art of Tile and Stone.

In fact, Debby only experienced the limelight because of her husband, Bill Belichick. To those who don’t know, Bill is an American NFL Player.

And supposedly, games are a big thing in American society as we have seen.

Net Worth of Debby Clarke Belichick

In the first place, Debby is an independent businesswoman who recently started her business. Debby mainly earned a decent amount from the split with her husband, Bill Belichick.

As of 2020, the net worth of Debby Clarke Belichick is estimated to be around $1 Million. 

How Much Is Bill Belichick Worth?

Meanwhile, her former husband, Bill, is a former American National level player, meaning unsurmountable fame and wealth.

At the moment, Debby’s husband, Bill Belichick, is a wealthy man with an estimated net worth of $35 Million. 

Debby Clarke Belichick Marriage- Who Is Bill Belichick Ex-Wife?

As we know by now, Debby only saw the spotlight land on her after her marriage to a famous NFL player, Bill Belichick. So, how did these two even meet for the first time? And why did they split?

For starters, Debby and Bill met each other for the first time in College. Soon after their meeting, they became college sweetheart. They were total lovebirds.

Debby Clarke family
Debby Clarke with her family
Source: Twitter

It is not known how long the two dated before tying the knot. Similarly, the couple became one in a marriage ceremony held in 1977.

However, after 28 years of the relationship as a husband and wife, the couple divorced in 2004.

The couple was having blissful life until the NFL Coach was caught between the New Jersey Divorce Scandal of Vincent and Sharon Shenocca.

The NFL Coach was accused of having an extramarital affair with former NFL receptionist Sharon Shenocca. Debby filed for divorce without any delay, but it was not until recently where she spoke the truth behind the divorce.

Bill Belichick and his wife Linda Holliday.
Bill Belichick and his wife, Linda Holliday

The Couple was again under the spotlight for the domestic violence where Debby filed a case against her ex-husband.

According to Debby, she suffered from domestic violence from the ex-husband, Bill Belichick. Also, their daughter, Amanda, reported seeing  Bill dragging Debby on the stairs.

Moreover, shedding light on the incident, it was mentioned how Bill held her by the neck and how Debby had several severe injuries from it.

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Talking about her former husband, Bill Belichick is a sportsperson. Born on April 16, 1952, Bill Belichick began his professional career as a coach for Baltimore Colts in 1975.

Her ex-husband also coached the infamous New York Giants in 1979 and New York Jets in 1996. Unfortunately, everything was going smoothly for the couple.

Also, the couple has three children together; two sons named Brian and Stephen and a daughter named Amanda. All of their children are engaged in a professional career. Despite all the controversies revolving around their father, all three children ended up playing lacrosse in college, like their father.

Post Divorce- Where Is Debby Clarke Now? Is She Dead?

Unlike the loyal ones, it is said that cheaters have an easy time moving on from the past relationship. Similar to the case, Bell moved on quite quickly from his divorce. Currently, Belichick is enjoying his life now with his new wife, Linda Holliday.

On the contrary to her husband, Debby is living a relatively low-key life. Because of her less presence in media, most of the people assumed the ex-wife was dead. But, worry, not people, Debby is still living and breathing.

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As a matter of fact, Debby has started her own business in tiles. Debbie collaborated with her friend, Paige Yates, in February 2009 called ‘ The Art of Tiles and Stones.’ As the name suggests, her business mainly consists of tiles and stones for decorating houses.

Notably, the beautiful colors and design make it ideal not only for the kitchen but for other places such as the workroom and guest rooms.

The Art of Tiles and Stones
The Art of Tiles and Stones

Also, Debby is an active businesswoman and posts about the store’s services and products on the store’s Instagram page. Their page is filled with eye-catching tiles made with intricate designs and soothing color combinations. Along with that, they also provide design ideas and tiles selection for the designated place of the house.

Social Media Presence

Debby is one of those celebrity wives who lives life in moderation. Besides, Debby does not have any social media accounts except one for her business. It seems Debby wants to stay away from the media as far as possible.

Then again, her ex-husband and his new wife are enjoying their life to the fullest.

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