Dean Devlin

An American actor and screenwriter, Dean Devlin is married to an actress, Lisa Brenner, best known for the role of Maggie Cory on Another World

Dean Devlin is active in the film industry as a multi-talented and versatile actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. He rose to prominence for his work on the movie Moon 44 in collaboration with one of the finest directors in Hollywood, Roland Emmerich.

Similarly, Devlin has produced and co-written numerous blockbuster films such as Independence Day, Stargate, and Godzilla. 

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Who Is Dean Devlin? Lisa Brenner Husband

Besides Dean Devlin’s successful career, he is also famous for his marriage with actress Lisa Brenner. Talking about Devlin wife, Lisa is best known for her roles in movies like Another World and All My Children.

Dean started his career in the 1980s as a supporting actor in a TV series. He was featured in multiple TV series such as “Happy Days” (1983), “What a Genius,” “Moon 44” (1990), and many more. It was just the beginning of his career. 

Dean Devlin
Dean Devlin and his wife on their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Devlin debuted as a screenwriter with the movie directed by Roland Emmerich “Universal Soldier (1992)”. The collaboration turned out to be life-changing for both of the talented personas.

It was the beginning of their career; later, they came up with more commercially successful and critically acclaimed sci-fi adventure movies like “Stargate” (1994), “Independence Day” (1996), and “Godzilla” (1998).

After a successful collaboration with Roland, Devlin worked with many other artists like producer Dean, Ellora Elkay, R. Ellis, Tony Bill, and many more.

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Explore More About Dean Devlin’s Family and Wife

On August 27, 1962, Dean Devlin was born to Pilar Seurat, his mother, and Don Devlin, his father, in New York. Both of his parents are prominent figures in the movie industry.

Dean’s parents tied the knot in 1959; however, the couple divorced in 1963. After then, his mother, Pilar, married her second husband, Don Cerveris. Similarly, his father moved on with his second wife, Constance Chesnut.

His mother, Pilar, is best known as a dancer in a popular post-war variety show ‘Blackouts’ by Ken Murray. Apart from acting, she had a writing talent; she wrote a book about her time in WW2, “Bahala na.”

Dean Devlin
Dean Devlin’s mother, Pilar Seurat (Source: Facebook)

Likewise, Don Devlin, his father was a filmmaker, actor, producer, and writer. Before pursuing his career in the entertainment industry, he served in the US Army. Later, he attended Greenwich Village Dramatic Workshop, where he studied acting.

50 years old Brenner was born in Long Island, New York. She attended Barnard College, where she majored in English and drama.

The couple has been married for 21 years and shares two daughters together. However, there is not much detailed information about their kids.

How much is the Net Worth of Dean Devlin?

According to Celebrity Networth, the estimated net worth of Dean Devlin is $15 million approximately as of 2024. Yes, he is a multi-millionaire. His hard work and dedication to the entertainment industry make him worthy of millions.

Dean Devlin
A beautiful Family of Dean Devlin (Source: Instagram)

The director accumulated a substantial amount of wealth from his commercially successful movies like “Stargate,” “Independence Day,” and “Godzilla.”

In addition, Devlin also co-founded a film and television production named Centropolis Entertainment and Electric Entertainment in 2001.

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