David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert

How famous would you be if you were a businessman? Well, limited fame would come your way. Being a very secretive person, David Nehdar always remained as an eye of attraction for the media. Not much information is known about him. He is a businessman who only came into the limelight after he married the famous actress Lacey Chabert. This is a well-seen phenom in most of the cases where marrying a pretty decent person gives individual fame.

But this business personality surely has more to show to all the well-wishers. In this article, we have covered as much information about him as possible. So, to find information about his age, profession, net worth, and family life, keep on reading this article until the end.

David Nehdar career
David Nehdar


David Nehdar is a pretty secretive individual whose actual date of birth is not known to the primary media. His secrecy has gone way over the top as there is nothing on the parent’s and siblings’ names too.

Moreover, he holds the American nationality along with white ethnicity. His zodiac sign is not known to the general people due to nothing on the exact date of birth.


There are two types of people. One who loves to show their fame and the others who love to live under the radar.

David falls under the latter, who loves to be out of the eyes of the media. Although everyone knows that he is a businessman, nothing other than that is available for anyone to see.


On the contrary, David’s wife, Lacey, is an outstanding actress who has made a great name in the movie industry. Some of her excellent work of Lacey came in projects like Hometown Legend, Mean Girls, In My Sleep, Sanitarium, and many more. As soon as something on Nehdar’s career pops out, readers will be updated.

David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert

David Nehdar is married to a famous and beautiful actress Lacey Chabert. The couple dated for a long time before finally sharing their vows on December 22, 2013. Their friends, family, and different stars like Kaley Cuoco, Briana Cuoco, etc. attended their wedding ceremony. As expected, Chabert was very excited about her wedding.

David and Lacey

Seeing she was with the love of her life, Chabert shared her excitement on Twitter too. Their marriage life is going very happily.

To add more happiness, the couple recently welcomed a new member of their family. In September 2016, Lacey gave birth to a lovely daughter named “Julia Mimi Bella.”

Moreover, their daughter’s name is based on Lacey’s mother, so that she would forever have her memory with her. Lacey has shared many of her photos on Instagram.

From that, we can imagine that their relationship is going perfectly well. David is pleased to be with her. Similarly, there is no information regarding the past links of David. He doesn’t like to be involved in any controversies and is free from any bad rumors and discussions.

David Nehdar Net Worth- What Is His Worth?

As there is no accurate information regarding his professional life, various sources can only estimate Nehdar’s net worth. Sadly, Nehdar has not disclosed his net worth. According to online sources, Nehdar has a net worth of $9 million in 2020.

However, it is just an estimate. It should not be mistaken for a fact, although there is no accurate information regarding David Nehdar’s net worth. Not only the net worth count but nothing on the annual income and assets owned is also available. Readers will be updated with something new on it.

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Talking about his wife, Chabert, she has an impressive net worth of $4 million. She earned a lot of money by appearing in different popular and successful movies for most of her career. Together, the couple is enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

David Nehdar Body Statistics- Height and Weight

Lacey couldn’t keep herself off the charming personality of David Nehdar. Nehdar has an attractive and muscular body. He stands at the tall height of 5’10,” but the weight is out of fans’ sight. It is due to the handsome looks that Lacey fell for him with ease. If something on the vital body statistics pops out, readers will surely know from this space.

David might be a businessman, but surely he is doing every bit possible to keep the fit body. A pleasant smile with an eye-catching personality is some of the distinctive features of the man. To complete the physical outlook, grey eyes, along with the black hair, play the lead role.

Social Media Presence

For a businessman, he is mostly busy focusing on his business career. Also, in his leisure time, he does not like to use social media. He is a secretive person, unlike his wife, who is like an open book. His wife is active on all social media sites and regularly posts different pictures and statuses.

However, David is not active on any social media sites. He does not have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account. So, to know more information about him, thinking of following him on social media might not be a good idea.

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