Quentin Tarantino is one of the most prominent Hollywood directors of this era. Anyone linked to him will surely be recognized all around the globe. Similar is the case of his wife, Daniella Pick.

Yes, Pick is the wife of Quentin, who is more known due to her husband. But she also has a pretty decent career of her own in the field of entertainment. Be with us so that we can provide every piece of information in detail.

Daniella Pick net worth
Daniella Pick

But first, let’s have some quick facts as the starter

Daniella Pick: Quick Facts

Full Name Daniella Pick
Date of Birth 1983/11 /21
Nickname Daniella
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Israel
Ethnicity Jews
Age 36
Profession Singer, Model
Nationality Israeli
Height 5’8″
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Net Worth $500k
Spouse Quentin Tarantino
Online Presence Instagram

Who Is Daniella Pick?

Daniella Pick is an Israeli singer and model who rose to fame after marrying Quentin Tarantino.

Age and Parents

Daniella was born on 21st November 1983 in Ramat HaSharon, Israel. Svika Pick and Mirit Shem-Or are the names of her parents. Other than that, she also has a sister named Sharona Pick, with whom she is pretty close.

Pick is 36 years old as of now. She holds Israeli nationality along with the Jews ethnicity. Being born in November makes her Scorpio. People falling under this sun sign are hardworking and passionate.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Pick is into her late 30’s, but the charm and the looks of this diva are in no mood of fading away. She stands at a pretty good height of 5’8” with a bodyweight of 55 kgs.

Workout, a healthy diet, and strict life routines are the way to go for her. With the help of all of this, she has received body measurements of 32-23-34 inches.

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Being a versatile personality, Pick can give any model a run for their money. With the excellent height comes the shoe size of 7. One thing, however, is sure that Daniella is not much of a tattoo girl. To complete the good looks, flawless dark brown hair along with the eyes of the same color plays an important role.

Early Days and Education

Daniella was born in Israel and spent her childhood there with the family and her sister. Pick’s father is a famous Israeli singer and also a composer. This shows her sources of motivation too.

All of her childhood was going pretty good when the parents separated in 1995. It was a hard time for her but living with her mother helped her grow pretty good.

Besides, she always wanted to venture into the field of entertainment, and as a result, her family was in full support. For the educational background, though, Pick completed her education from the home town in Israel and also did her high schooling alongside her sister from the same place.


Pick might be famous mainly due to the fame of Tarantino. But in reality, it is not the same case. Daniella is a well-known name in Israel for her singing as well as modelling exploits.

Daniella, alongside her sister, formed The Pick sisters duo that launched their musical career, and more songs were hitting the circuit. Being together in a group that released songs like Shuv Hageshem, Zot Ahava, Tamid Ola Hamangina, Hello Hello, Baby, and many more.

Things were going pretty well when the sister duo decided to separate in 2006. The main reasons shown for separation were the keen focus on making up solo careers.

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In the case of Daniella, though, she has sung English songs too. Some of them being More or Less, Love Me, Yalla Yalla, etc. Daniella is more known for giving her touch to the songs.

Daniella Pick during the photoshoot

One of the better examples is the 2012 rendition of the existing 1993 hip hop song What is Love. After separating from her sister, Pick moved to the states and also made a career to remember.

Readers might be aware that she is also a model who has been part of various fashion magazines back in Israel. Some of the magazines cover the diva has graced Go Style, Yedioth, and many more.

With all of the increasing fame, she has started her own social media profiles that have dragged in many fans. With time more of the success is yet to come, and readers will be made aware.

Who Is Daniella Pick Husband?

One of the many good reasons to know Daniella Pick is due to the presence of her husband, Quentin Tarantino. Daniella met Tarantino when the director was in Israel for promoting his movie Inglorious Bastards.

It was in the year 2009, and they are never separated after that. During the Jerusalem Film Festivals, both of them collided, and things were in merry ways for sure.

Daniella Pick husband
Daniella Pick with husband Quentin Tarantino

Their dating spree was quite a mystery for sometime when the pair decided to make it open. Media knew about the dating in 2016, and since then, they have been open and out on the love saga.

Things went to merry ways when the pair engaged on 30th June 2017. One after the other big news from the couple came ahead. To make things more spicer and interesting, Tarantino and Pick walked down the aisle on 28th November. 2018.

It was a pretty special event with only the family and friends being invited to it. What’s more surprising is the fact that we have almost two decades of difference in their age.

But their love is so strong; age didn’t play much of a factor. Their wedding has been two years, but still, they don’t bore any child, which is quite interesting to know.

Other than Tarantino in the life of Pick, there has hardly been any man in her life. There is no rift or extramarital affairs between the two showing the fact that their relationship will go on for a long time.

Daniella Pick Net Worth: Income and Salary

You might be hardworking, famous, skilled, and talented but to match the net worth of Quentin Tarantino is pretty tough. Daniella is an expert in what she does and has made good fame and fortune along the way.

As of 2020, she sits on a net worth of $500k. All of this is the result of singing, modelling, brand endorsements, and many more. Besides being involved in the field of entertainment, Pick loves to travel.

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She is also a big movie and music enthusiast. Daniella, along with Quentin, is clicked by the media most of the time enjoying their holidays.

Even though there is proper information on the net worth, annual income and assets information will be out soon.

Internet Fame

The pick is a model, and by the looks of the trend, the model tends to have a good fan following all and through. Daniella is no different from that.

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