Dan Estabrook

People with unique names tend to make a significant impact in the world. Similar is the case of Dan Estabrook, who is a painter, designer, sculpturer, photographer, and whatnot. Readers who are avid fans of the artist might have heard his name.

Dan Estabrook net worth
Dan Estabrook

But if we add another name to him, surely most of you would recognize him. Have readers heard about Megan Boone? Yes, she is the same actress who rose to fame from work in The Blacklist. Most of the fans might know her well, but her husband is also something of a talented individual. Stick till the end so that we can provide every information in detail.

But first, quick facts makes the cut

Dan Estabrook: Quick Facts

Full Name Dan Estabrook
Date of Birth 1969
Nickname Dan
Marital Status Engaged
Birthplace Boston, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 51
Profession Photographer, Celebrity
Nationality American
Kid 1
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Golden Brown
Net Worth $1 million
Spouse Megan Boone
Online Presence Instagram


Dan Estabrook was born in 1969 in Boston, USA. The exact date of birth is not known to the general people due to the secretive nature. There is no information about Dan’s parents, as well. It sounds pretty secretive for a well-known individual. Sadly nothing on the siblings is also available.

Dan Estabrook children
Megan Boone with her kid

Dan was born in the US, holding American nationality along with white ethnicity. There is no zodiac sign due to the lack of proper information on the date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements

Dan is 51 years old as of now. He stands at a decent height of 5’7,” and his smile tends to haul the camera most of the time. What is known is the fact that his bodyweight exactly suits the height of the individual. If something on the weight or body measurements comes up, readers will be updated.

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Dan is approaching his 50’s, but the skill is inbuilt in him for an extended period. He looks a well fit with Megan in most of the events. Up until the writing of this article, he has no tattoos on his body. To complete the physical outlook, golden-brown hair, along with brown eyes, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Estabrook was born in the states spending his childhood there with the family and siblings. Although there is no information on the parents and siblings, we feel most of his needs were fulfilled with ease. There was a keen interest in the field of art for Estabrook, and the family members allowed him too.

For the educational background, though, Dan attended a city school and the Museum of Fine Arts. After this attainment, he became a Harvard University graduate. His graduation came in the year 1990, and he went to the University of Illinois.

With a keen interest in art, the man earned the MFA in 1993 from the University of Illinois, and this was the start of his illustrious artistic career.


Immediately after graduation, Estabrook went on to take photographic lessons from none other thanĀ  Christopher James. To the readers who are not aware of him well, he is a big name in the art world.

Exhibitions are the most crucial asset for any photographer, and his earliest exhibition was held under the name Minimal at Gallery X in LA, 1993. It was a joint exhibition which suggests the solo would come from the man a year later.

In 1994 Estabrook hosted a solo exhibition at I-Space Gallery, Illinois. There were lots of good works for the man. In 1995 he was part of two more shows A New Direction and Dysfunctional.

One of the better traits of Estabrook is the fact that he moves to places for an exhibition. 1996 saw his traveling for exhibition at Catharine Clark Gallery in the year 1996. Interior Views at HoustonĀ  Centre also adds his achievements.

Estabrook has given all of his life to art and photography, and the achievements have been pretty commendable. Glorious Gardens in 1997, Time Zero: Artists and Polaroids at ESP Gallery and the returning exhibition as UIUC/ Glasgow Exchange Exhibitions are some of the greats of the man.

Some of the other great exhibitions include Inherent Vice, The Exquisite Corpse, First Photographs, The Camera Obscured IV: Mixed Media Photography, The Antiquarian Avant-Garde, and way too more.

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His avid fans might know that he uses 19th-century techniques and processes to make great photos. Along with the great work comes the high accolades too. In 1994 the man received an Artist Fellowship from the National Endowment of Arts.

Be it art or designing, the man never fails for sure. In 1994 Estabrook served as the production designer on Jesse Peretz’s venture First Love, Last Rites, and 2018 with Juliet, Naked. Although his vast fame is from his wife but not to forget, his contribution for sure enhances the art.

Girlfriend| Who Is Dan Estabrook Girlfriend?

Dan Estabrook is a sound artist for sure, but his fame is due to his better half. Megan Boone is a well-known actress who is associated with Dan Estabrook. Both of them met in 2015 November and never looked back.

It was as if they met, and various dates resulted in good bonding too. Its been more than four years, and they are gracefully together. Not only being together, but they are blessed with kids also.

Dan Estabrook wife
Megan Boone

On 15th April 2016, Caroline Boone Estabrook was born and made their bond even more durable. However, they are not married, and it is quite tricky at times looking how good they look together. As soon as something pops out, readers will be updated.

Megan Boone

Boone is one of the well-known actresses who was born in 1983. Her acting studies paved the way for the debut movie Elijah as Abigail.

Some of Megan’s great work stands at Law and Order, Cold Case, Blue Bloods, etc. But what shot her to fame is undoubtedly the work in The Blacklist. More work is yet to come from her, and readers will be updated.

Net Worth| How Much Does Dan Estabrook Earns?

An artist tends to make a considerable amount through photoshoots and exhibitions. But most of them love to live under the radar. As of 2020, Estabrook owns a net worth of $1 million.

The net worth of Estabrook is available along with the annual salary, which stands at $74,244 per year. This is a pretty good earning for a photographer in Dan’s class. On the other hand, his better half’s net worth stands at $3 million.

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Even though there is proper information on net worth and annual income, nothing on the assets owned is available to anyone. If something pops out, readers will be updated.

Social Media Reach

Dan might be a busy person with conferences worldwide, but he also finds his time for fans all along with the world. Fans might follow him through his social media accounts.

Instagram– 5996 Followers

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