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If you are a good actor people tend to talk about you a lot, but the famous person who made you a star is spoken less. Dan Cadan loves to work behind the camera as a writer, director, and producer.

His works in projects like The Devil’s Wedding and Walk Like A Panther are highly appreciated.

There is more to him than just holding the camera and making masterpieces. Stick with us to know in detail about him.

Dan Cadan net worth
Dan Cadan with wife Lena Headey

Before directly jumping into anything lets have some quick facts that help

Dan Cadan: Quick Facts

Full Name Dan Cadan
Date of Birth 1975/01/02
Nickname Dan
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Yorkshire, UK
Ethnicity White
Age 49 years old
Profession Director, Writer, Producer
Nationality British
Height 5’8″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Spouse Lena Headey
Kids Teddy Cadan
Net Worth $12 million
Last update July, 2024

Who Is Dan Cadan?

Dan Cadan is a British actor who rose to fame from his work as a writer and director. This talented individual is married for a long time.

Age and Parents

Dan was born on 2nd January 1975 in Yorkshire. Cadan is a pretty secretive individual who never shares his personal life information out in the media.

It is also his silence that leaves us barehanded for the sibling’s information.

Dan is 45 years old as of now. He holds British nationality along with the white ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Capricorn.

People who are born under this sun sign are realistic and optimistic at the same time.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Dan likes to work behind the camera most of the time, so his fame and charisma are not much famous.

The director stands at the height of 5’8” and weighs 60 kg. Even though he works behind the scene, there is a keen interest in maintaining a fit body.

Surprisingly the information on the vital body statistics is out of the eyes of the media. Due to regular workouts, the writer has maintained a pretty good body shape.

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Not only the vital body but the shoe and dress size are also not known. Moreover, to complete the good looks dark brown hair and eyes of the same color play the lead role.

Early Days and Education

Cadan was born in Yorkshire and spent his childhood there with the family and siblings.

Due to no information on the parents, it’s hard to tell how exactly his childhood was. But one thing is sure there was freedom to choose a career of will.

In his early days though Dan was fond of watching movies and always dreamt of making one good movie someday. Well, he has undoubtedly made more than one till this point.

In the case of educational background though Cadan attended I.L. Caragiale Bucharest School in Romania.

For higher studies, his choice was Colegiul National De Informatica. With a keen interest in the entertainment world, he chose his education degrees too.


It has to be established in an industry where new talents as a director come every day. But Dan has done his bit and made a significant mark for sure.

With interest in doing a temporary job, he moved to London, and his life changed.

His career started as the assistant to director Guy Ritchie. His initial pay was  3o pounds a day which changed gradually.

The initial assistant director’s work spanned to various famous movies like Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Dazzler, and others.

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As a mainstream director, Dan was part of the movies like Walk Like a Panther, Ill Ray: The King, The Devil’s Wedding.

As a writer though his work in Fifth and Wisdom along with Dancestar USA 2004 is also highly respected.

What most of the readers might be unaware of is the fact that Dan has acted in one of the movies too. He was part of Morvern Callar as the actor.

With time his work has come in countable numbers, but all the fans highly appreciate them.

Who Is Dan Cadan Wife?

People say marry your best friend, and you will have a happy life, well Dan has proved it with the high grit. Those who follow the career of Cadan intimately might know he is married to Lena Headey.

Lena is a well-known actress for sure. Lena and Dan were friends from childhood and lived in a close neighborhood. Headey earlier was married to Peter Loughran.

Both of them had a tough breakup which was well handled by Lena with the help of Cadan. Their bonding started to find its path and great news came for all of the fans.

Both the lovebirds went on to marry in 2018. Lena shared the news of being in a relationship through Twitter. Their marriage was a pretty close event.

Dan Cadan kid
Dan Cadan with his child

In 2015 Lena was pregnant and gave birth to a baby named Teddy. At that time, there were huge assumptions on who was the father.

Later through a press release sources knew Dan was the father of the kid.

Even though it is the second marriage of Lena, for Cadan it is the first, and well they look happy.

Its been two years since their wedding, and due to the lack of any rift we feel this relationship will go on for a long time.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

How much does an ordinary director make as a net worth? Surely a lot less than actors because they do the bulk work.

As of 2021 Cadan owns the value of $12 million.

All of this is the result of the direction, writing, acting, and production works performed by the individual. Other than being part of the showbiz world, Cadan loves to travel and visit exotic places.

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Watching movies and reading books also falls under his type of pass time.

Once in an interview, Cadan stated the fact that he would go on dinner with Quentin Tarantino and learn more about the direction field of work.

In his free time, Cadan is seen spending time with his wife and kid. Although the net worth is known, nothing on the annual income and assets owned is available for anyone.

Whatever might be the case Cadan surely is living a lavish life.

Internet Fame

It’s obvious fact if a director loves to keep his life under the wraps. Well, Dan has done every bit possible to keep the personal information of the media.

In a similar quest, this individual doesn’t have any social media handles. It’s a pity for the fans.

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