Cosmo Jarvis Illness and health update

The topic of Cosmo Jarvis Illness awakened the world and people who kept the Actor and musician dear to their hearts. Jarvis fans wanted to know about his health update.  

Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, shortly Cosmo Jarvis, 33, is a well-known British-American Actor, musician, and filmmaker. He became famous after releasing his first single Gay Pirates, on 23 January 2011.

The musician is famous in Britain, and his album was voted 85 on the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2011. 

A few internet sources claim that Jarvis’s net worth is $5 million as of July 2024. 

Now, shifting back to the musician’s illness news — Cosmo Jarvis is a Type one diabetes patient. 

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Cosmo Jarvis Illness 

Unfortunately, Actor and musician Cosmo Jarvis was diagnosed with Type one diabetes.

Cosmo Jarvis Illness
Cosmo Jarvis’s fans want to know about his Illness and current health situation. (Source: The Guardian)

Gay Pirates star Jarvis recently said in an interview that being a diabetes patient makes him think of his mortality. The musician confirmed his diagnosis to the public, saying:

Type One diabetes catches me. Sometimes, my condition makes me think about my own mortality. but, i am light with my condition.

Jarvis said he was a hater of modern technology and gadgets, but he now depended on and relied upon those medical gadgets to survive. 

Doctors say that Type one or juvenile diabetes is a chronic condition when the pancreas doesn’t secrete enough insulin for the body to sustain. Less insulin causes the disease, which is also called insulin-dependent diabetes.

People with Type one diabetes have high blood glucose (sugar) levels that cause serious health issues such as heart disease and stroke. If not monitored and regulated, juvenile diabetes could kill a patient. 

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Health Update Of Cosmo Jarvis

As mentioned earlier, Gay Pirates star Cosmo Jarvis has juvenile diabetes. Jarvis’s condition has affected him for quite a while now. 

The musician hated technology earlier but now relies on modern medical gadgets to stay alive and treat his condition.

In an interview, Jarvis described how his disease and treatments sometimes made him feel dead inside and questioned his mortality.

Eventually, the musician adapted to the disease, and now he treats the disease with proper medical attention.

What Happened To The Persuasion Cast Cosmo Jarvis Face?

Unfortunately, many of his fans were sad to hear that the Persuasion Cast suffered a Type One diabetes. This form of diabetes is severe, and Jarvis had significant weight loss. 

Cosmo Jarvis health update
Musician Cosmo Jarvis lost weight because of Type One diabetes. (Source: Hollywood Life)

Moreover, Type One diabetes patients feel more thirsty, tired, and weak. They have blurry vision, urinate a lot, have mood swings, and many more disturbing changes in habit. 

So, due to losing significant weight, Jarvis’s face might have looked different. Doctors say that Type One diabetes patients should be monitored regularly, and their inulin and glucose level should be checked hourly. 

The condition is chronic and permanent. Jarvis, who hated modern technology earlier, now relies on medical gadgets to treat his condition. 

The musician has been vocal about his condition. Jarvis utilized his presence and power to make people aware of the disease.

He could inspire many youths who may be affected by diabetes. The inspirational musician used his position to spread awareness. 

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