Having a good face is one thing, and using it for better output is another. Cole Galotti is one such individual who knows how to put your face to the best use.

To the readers who are not aware, Cole is a famous social media personality and a Youtuber. Not only his first face, but there is more to him that is to know. In this article, we will help readers with everything.

Cole Galloti net worth
Cole Galloti

But first, some quick facts is the need for time

Cole Galotti: Quick Facts

Full Name Cole Galotti
Date of Birth 2001/03 /08
Nickname Cole
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Arizona, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 19
Profession Youtuber, Social Media Star
Nationality American
Height 5’6″
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $300k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter & Youtube

Who Is Cole Galotti?

Cole Galotti is an American Youtuber and social media star who rose to fame after uploading steamy images on Instagram. Galotti is currently single and focusing on the career.

Age and Parents

Cole was born on 8th March 2001, in Arizona. His mother’s name is Kenda Julius, but the father’s name is not available for anyone to see. One of the main reasons to know the mother is social media, as she is active on Youtube.

He has two siblings and is pretty close to them. He is 19 years old as of now. The talented social media star holds American nationality along with mixed ethnicity. Being the birth of March, his zodiac sign falls under Pisces, suggesting that he is intuitive and sensitive at the same time.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Cole is just into his late teens, and there is more the star yet to learn. But in a short time, he has earned a considerable amount of fans through his charm and grace. He stands at the height of 5’6″ with weight being 54 kgs.

As the man is just in his early life, the height is bound to increase with time. Interestingly the Youtuber has hidden all the information on the vital body statistics.

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Galotti might be outspoken on his social media platforms, but one thing can be said with ease his measurements are not openly available for others to see. To sum up, the good looks, black eyes, and brown hair play a chief role.

Early Days and Education

Galotti was born in Arizona and spent his childhood there with the family and siblings. His early life was pretty decent, with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease.

From a very young age, Cole was enthralled by social media and wanted to be part of it. There was pure freedom in the family to choose a career of will too.

Cole is a social media star but a pretty good concealer, which has done decent work to hide the information on the educational background. If someday the star comes out speaking, readers will be made aware.


At a very young age, Cole started his social media career with a keen interest in having fun. The talented individual didn’t take social media and the various profile pretty seriously.

His life changed in March 2015 when Youtube came to him. One after another, his fame started to increase through Youtube videos. Lately, his Youtube uploads have slowed down, but his popularity has increased.

Cole Gallito height
Cole stands at 5’6″

One of the most viewed videos in the channel is about Smash or Pass, which was uploaded in 2017. After Youtube, though, he started Twitter to add up with fame.

Likewise, Instagram came to the man, and there was no looking back. His breathtaking images on Instagram made him a pretty big star and pretty quick.

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It was interesting that lately, he has been the Tik Tok icon. The tik toker has more than 800k followers n the platform and makes pretty creative videos most of the time.

With time the reach might expand to modeling and ultimately to the acting world. As new updates come up, readers will be made aware.

Cole Galotti Girlfriend

If you are famous, you tend to get taken away. Similar is Cole, who was in a relationship, but it was never short of controversy. In 2017 Galotti started dating Danielle Cohn.

There might be a limited amount of people who might be unaware of the name Danielle. She is a well-known personality. Both of them came out in public about the dating spree.

Controversy hit the couple when Cole was rumored to be dating a girl named Kay McDonald. Not only dating, but the rumors came along that they had a relationship too tight.

Cole Galotti girlfriend
Cole Galloti with ex-girlfriend Danielle Cohn

It was a big controversy, but later, the truth came out that the relationship was just a hoax. Amidst all the hardships, Galotti was full of explanation of how clean he was.

In the following year, with all the mishaps, their relationship broke, and the pair separated. It was heartbreak for Cole, but he has decided to remain single after the incident.

As Cole is rising, the ranks can be said with ease that he is neither married nor engaged up until this point in time. We feel in the future, he will find someone pretty excellent and perfect.

Cole Galotti Net Worth: Income and Salary

Cole has been up close with the Internet for over six years now. The person has made the right amount of fans and also earned a considerable amount of fortune.

As of 2020, he sits on a net worth of $300k. All of this is purely from his work on various social media platforms. Not only that, but the brand promotions on the Youtube channel also helps the individual.

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Galotti is more of a fun-loving individual who likes to go traveling. At times he is seen with his friends partying and also sharing good times.

All of this suggests that he is having a good time. If anything on the annual income, houses, mansion comes up, readers will be made aware.

Internet Fame

Internet was one platform that made Cole famous and also increased the reach of the guy. With time the internet has been his identification. There is a commendable number of followers, and readers can be part of it too.

Twitter31k followers

Youtube 14.4k followers

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