Chris Jarosz Sacramento Accident

Chris Jarosz Sacramento Accident: Learn about the tragic Highway 50 crash that claimed the life of Chris Jarosz.

The culinary world of Sacramento was rocked on May 24, 2023, by the sudden loss of Chris Jarosz. The 55-year-old entrepreneur, known for his role in multiple successful dining establishments, tragically lost his life in a Highway 50 crash.

The profound impact of this unexpected tragedy has been felt across the city as tributes and condolences flood in for a man who left an indelible mark on Sacramento’s dining culture.

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Chris Jarosz Sacramento Accident Details

In a shocking turn, Sacramento was brought to a standstill on May 24, 2023, with the untimely death of prominent restaurant owner Chris Jarosz. The fatal accident occurred on Highway 50, shaking the culinary community of the city and beyond.

Sacramento County officials confirmed the 55-year-old entrepreneur’s identity, leaving the region to mourn the sudden loss of a remarkable local figure.

Chris Jarosz was more than a successful restaurant owner; he was a significant pillar of the Sacramento food scene. He owned several popular eateries, including Broderick Roadhouse, with multiple regional locations and Anonimo Pizza.

Chris Jarosz Sacramento Accident
The fatal accident occurred on Highway 50, shaking the culinary community of the city and beyond. (Source: CBS News)

Not restricting his role to ownership, Chris played a substantial part in launching the Oak Park Brewery, extending his influence within the city’s culinary circles.

His entrepreneurial journey also saw him as a co-owner of Localis in midtown, a restaurant that achieved one of the highest distinctions in the culinary scene, a Michelin star, under the current head chef’s reign last year.

Even after selling his stake in Localis, Jarosz continued to expand his restaurant empire. He ventured into Davis in 2022, opening another dining establishment called Bones Craft Kitchen.

On the morning of the fateful day, Jarosz was reportedly driving westbound on Highway 50 near 50th Street. According to the California Highway Patrol, Jarosz drove his SUV into a lane cordoned off due to a construction project.

His vehicle collided with a trailer outfitted with an overhead arrow board and the rear of a flatbed truck, eventually stopping between the highway’s No. 1 and 2 lanes.

The CHP further reported that the arrow board, which was functioning and designed to divert traffic away from the construction zone, was operational at the time of the unfortunate incident.

According to initial reports, Jarosz wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and tragically lost his life at the accident site. At the time, the two construction workers in the parked flatbed truck escaped unscathed.

Chris Jarosz Was Broderick Roadhouse Owner

The Sacramento County coroner confirmed the identification of the deceased as Chris Jarosz, intensifying the sadness that gripped the city. The man behind some of Sacramento’s most popular and vibrant dining spots had tragically been taken away.

The incident underscored the fragility of life and left an indelible mark on the Sacramento restaurant scene. Chris Jarosz was more than an entrepreneur.

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His warmth and genuine connection with his staff and patrons were integral to his business’s ethos. His friendly demeanor was infectious, making every restaurant of his not just a dining place but a welcoming community hub.

Chris Jarosz Sacramento Accident
The president and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, Jot Condie, took to Facebook to express his sorrow. (Source: CBS News) 

Chris’ steadfast dedication to the culinary scene was reflected in the quality of the restaurants he owned and the relationships he built throughout his career. The news of his passing deeply affected those who knew him.

The president and CEO of the California Restaurant Association, Jot Condie, took to Facebook to express his profound sorrow at the loss of this towering figure in Sacramento’s restaurant industry. Condie wrote,

“Chris was a hot and friendly person, it was truly in his nature to be easygoing, approachable, and likable. He was also deeply dedicated to the Sacramento restaurant community and its workforce.”

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