As her brother is a world-famous K-pop star, people wonder if Choi San Sister, Choi Haneul, is also into singing. Is she part of any K-pop groups?

Whether you are a new or old K-pop fan, you must have seen many comparisons between third and fourth-generation idols. Compared to their seniors, 4th Gen K-pop groups have presented different and unique approaches to music, and their distinctive styles have made them eye-catching in their own way.

Fourth-generation K-pop idols have accomplished many accomplishments, and they continue flourishing K-pop culture in the global scenario. Speaking of which, we can’t miss the Fourth Generation Leaders ATEEZ, whose performances are one of a kind.

ATEEZ has a global fan base, and each member is famous worldwide. One interesting thing about the K-pop group is its members are proficient in different aspects, and their authentic styles combined bring ATEEZ’s music style.

In ATEEZ, San is the lead vocalist and face of the group. He is a great performer, and his expressions during his performances are impeccable. Hence, you won’t be surprised to find millions of views on San’s fancams.

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Choi San Sister Choi Haneul – What Is She Involved In?

The K-pop sensation was born on July 10, 1999, to Choi Jongcheol and Kim Namji in Namhae, South Korea. He and his older sister, Choi Haneul, grew up in a loving home with supportive parents.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Choi San’s sister’s occupational background. Whether she is involved in the music industry like her little brother is unknown.

Choi San Sister
Choi San Has An Older Sister Named Choi Haneul (Source: Koreaboo)

Moreover, if one searches for Choi Haneul, one might come across Saturday‘s main rapper with the same name. However, both individuals are different and only share similar names and surnames.

Hence, fans must wait longer to learn about Choi San’s sister, Haneul. Hopefully, he will open up more about his sibling in the coming days.

Meet Choi San Parents Choi Jongcheol and Kim Namji – Family Details

Choi San’s dad is the Namhae Sports Association for the Disabled director. The father-son duo is very close to each other, and San first told his old man about his aspiration to be a singer.

Mr. Jongcheol was pleasantly surprised and told his son to consider it carefully. But San was adamant and asked permission to go to Seoul to train. Hence, his dad used his personal connections to send and settle him in Seoul.

Choi San’s mother, Namji, traveled back and forth between Seoul and their hometown every week. She stayed four days with her son and looked after him before returning to Namhae weekly.

Choi San In ATEEZ
Choi San And Wooyoung Are The Closest Members Of ATEEZ (Source: KingChoice)

Choi San’s father fondly speaks of his past struggles and is proud of where he has reached now. He advised his son never to be arrogant and always remain humble. His wise words of wisdom were,

 If you want to be a true singer, you must always be humble.

Even if you only have just one fan and you only dance and sing for that one person, you should have a proper heart for that. Be deeply grateful for your fans’ love. 

Following his dad’s advice, the ATEEZ singer is humble, genuine, kind, and modest. Unlike some celebs, San is not haughty or pompous; instead, his kind-natured personality is praised by many.

The rising artist has come a long way in his career and continues to shine in K-pop. Wishing this talented personality more prosperity in the future.

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