Emily Swallow husband Chad Kimball

People who love stage-acting might know well about Chad Kimball, Emily Swallow Husband. 

Emily Swallow’s Husband, Chad Kimball, is an American stage Actor. He rose to fame for his role in many musical theatres, including Huey Calhoun in the Broadway musical Memphis. 

His role as Huey Calhoun earned him Tony Award Nomination. 

Also, American Actress Emily Swallow has appeared in famous roles, including Kim Fischer on The Mentalist and Amara / The Darkness in the 11th Season of Supernatural. 

Swallow also had a brief role as The Armorer in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian and voiced Emily in the video game, The Last of Us Part II

A lesser-known fact for the learners about the two Actors — Chad Kimball and Emily Swallow met while performing their first stateside performance together. They began dating and got married in a delightful ceremony. 

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Meet Emily Swallow Husband Chad Kimball

Supernatural Actress Emily Swallow and stage Actor Chad Kimball tied the knot on 26 August 2018 in Washington. Kimball is an American stage Actor who became famous for his role in many musical theatres. 

Emily Swallow Husband
Emily Swallow with her husband, Chad Kimball (Source: NY Post)

Chad Kimball is known for appearing in the Broadway musical Memphis. He played a famous role as Huey Calhoun. 

Swallow’s husband Kimball was born on 2 September 1976. He began his career in 1999. 

Chad was raised in Seattle. He completed his graduation in 1999 from Boston Conservatory.

He graduated with a BFA in musical theatre. Kimball shifted to New York City and appeared in the Broadway Musical The Civil War. Eventually, he started finding success in his stage-acting career. 

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Emily Swallow Family And Kids

Famous American Actress Emily Swallow was born in Washington on 18 December 1979. She grew up in a decent family in Sterling, Virginia, and later moved to Jacksonville, Florida. 

Swallow’s parents admitted her to Stanton College Preparatory School in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, not much is revealed about Swallow’s family. She has never openly talked about her family in media interviews.

Perhaps, Swallow enjoys a low-key life with her husband, Kimball. Also, there are no records of her children.

Swallow and Kimball seem busy with their acting career and may be leaving space for parenting life in the future. 

Net Worth Of Emily Swallow 

Significantly less is spilled out about Mandolarian Actress Emily Swallow. The Supernatural star received fame after her debut in the hit series, Supernatural and Mandalorian.

Emily Swallow net worth
Emily Swallow’s net worth. (Source: Star Wars)

However, Swallow and her husband Kimball never revealed their fortune publicly. Perhaps the down-to-earth stars may not want to flex their wealth.

According to some online sources, Emily Swallow’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. The famous American Actress earned most of her fortune starring in hit television series. 

Perhaps, Emily is paid well as she appears in Disney’s big-budget series, Mandalorian. Also, she starred in the Season 11 of the Supernatural series.

Talented and hardworking Actors Emily and Chad teach a life lesson of struggle. The couple inspires millions to keep going until they reach their objectives. 

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