Catalina Gorostidi Wikipedia

Catalina Gorostidi wikipedia unfolds the story of her life, profession, and ongoing journey in Gran Hermano.

Catalina Gorostidiparticipatest in Gran Hermano, i.e., Big Brother Argentine 2023. 

Gran Hermano is a reality TV serieswith many contestantse called HouseGuests. They lived together in a specially constructed house, fully isolated from the outside world.

Furthermore, the contestants are monitored by live television cameras and have to perform different tasks and be voted out until one remains wins a cash prize.

So, it is an exciting game television series. Catalina is part of it. So, today, we will talk about one of the contestants of Big Brother Argentine, Catalina Gorostid,i Wikipedia, and edad.

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Catalina Gorostidi Wikipedia

Catalina Gorostidi is a pediatrician by profession but always dreamed of appearing on television and being a part of a television series. She is also head of guard at the Orlando Alassia Children’s Hospital in Santa Fe.

Gorostidi is the daughter of a famous former soccer player, Adrian Gorostidi. He was a footballer who played for Colon de Santa Fe football team.

Furthermore, Catalina was the last participant to enter Gran Harmona 2023. The show began on 20 December 2023 and is hosted by Santiago Del Moro and Juliete Poggio.

Catalina Gorostidi Wikipedia
Catalina Gorostidi is a Pediatrician. (Source: Radio Gol)

Along with Catalina, there are twenty more houseguests. When she entered the competition, she confessed that she hated injustice and enjoyed sharing hot photos.

Furthermore, my dream of Catalina was to be a part of Big Brother. Finally, she has fulfilled her dream and is happy about entering the reality show.

As mentioned earlier, Catalina is the daughter of a famous soccer player. She also said she never goes unnoticed and always attracts attention.

Furthermore, Catalina added that throughout her childhood, she and her family were nomads because of their dad’s profession. She started with a new life, a new school, and a new leader.

Catalina Gorostidi has attracted many viewers’ attention and looks confident and ready to face other competitors or house guests.

Moreover, Catalina Gorostidi also said she has dated a player from the Argentina National team. She also claimed to have dated a world champion in Qatar in 2022.

Catalina Gorostidi said she does not like injustice and is a very fair person. Furthermore, she stated she was spoiled before and was hanging out with the entire Talleres and Belgrano team simultaneously.

Besides, Catalina is a young and beautiful lady, and we wish her luck on her journey in Big Brother.

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Catalina Gorostidi Edad: How Old Is Big Brother Argentina 2023 Contestant?

Catalina Gorostidi is currently thirty-one years old. She is a pretty girl who has made her dream of participating in Big Brother come true.

Gran Hermano, or Big Brother 2023, is an exciting TV series where we can see participants competing with each other and performing interesting tasks.

All viewers are curious to find out how Catalina Gorostidi will compete or survive in the house for a long time.

Catalina Gorostidi Wikipedia
Catalina Gorostidi is currently 31 years old. (Source: Argentine Portal)

Gorostidi has already grabbed viewers’ attention with her confidence and how she has introduced herself in the game, and we wish her good luck in her journey.

Catalina Gorostidi is a beautiful lady currently participating in Big Brother 2023. It was her dream, and we wish her a good and memorable journey

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