Mohit Agarwal

Everyone is shocked by the news of CA Mohit Agarwal Death. There have been numerous inquiries about Mohit Agarwal’s family and private details.

Mohit Agarwal is renowned for developing MEPL classes. He tragically died at 36, and his family and friends expressed their grief online.

The first classes to graduate from St. Xavier’s College were the MEPL courses, which Mohit, a Charte Accountant, instructed.

Agarwal also had a sizable fan group, and his passing saddens those paying tribute to Mohit online.

As news of Mohit’s passing spread, people started searching for his Wikipedia entry and other information online. Similar concerns have been raised regarding Mohit’s cause of mortality.

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CA Mohit Agarwal Death: how did he die

After hearing about CA Mohit’s demise on social media, people began to inquire about the circumstances surrounding it, but these details have not yet been made available by trustworthy sources.

Nevertheless, his family and friends said he died yesterday due to a heart attack. More details will be provided soon, but the official statement has not yet been made available.

Mohit Agarwal Death
Everyone is shocked by the news of CA Mohit Agarwal Death (Source- YouTube )

Fans of Mohit, who frequently wrote about him on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, claimed that he died of a heart attack.

According to another social media user, Mohit allegedly suffered a heart attack in Pune while uploading a photo to Facebook. They said that his body would reach Kolkata that evening similarly.

Meet CA Mohit Agarwal’s family

The story of 36-year-old chartered accountant Mohit Agarwal was one of the most popular topics in recent times.

Unfortunately, Wikipedia’s main website still does not contain a personal biography of the late Mohit.

However, we can review Agarwal’s data on his public websites and other online sources. The documents still contain details of his birth and early working career. According to the reports, he was 36 years old when he died.

Mohit Agarwal with his parents (Source- Bollywood Safar )

We discovered that he was self-employed and employed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India after looking into the details shared on his Facebook account. 

He also went to institutions like St. Xaviers College and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to further his education.

Mohit Agarwal is married and has a family of his own. He was happily married to Vandana Agarwal, and they also had a daughter.

Unfortunately, not much can be said about his relationship with his wife. But there’s no doubt that he shared the husband-and-wife relationship for an extended period.

CA Mohit Agarwal Net worth

Some online sites estimate Mohit Agarwal’s net worth of INR 1 crore. Throughout his academic journey, Mohit also won numerous awards, including gold and silver medals.

His career-long thirst for education led him to receive scholarships from the Institute and his ALL INDIA RANK 1 ranking.

Additionally, Mohit had a wealth of experience teaching various topics to students in highly competitive programs like CA, CS, and CMA, including accountancy, law, and audit.

CA Mohit Agarwal
CA Mohit Agarwal (Source: Twitter)

The websites only provide information about his professional life; more details about Mohit’s private life are still awaited.

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