Bruno Duarte

Bruno Duarte is one of the dancers set to appear in Dance 100 with his incredible dancing skills and talent.

The street dance competition is an exciting opportunity for talented choreographers to showcase their skills and creativity.

This high-stakes competition features contestants worldwide who must create and perform a dance routine using 100 of the world’s best dancers.

To participate in the competition, choreographers must create a unique dance routine showcasing their styles and vision.

They must also consider the abilities and strengths of the 100 dancers they will work with, incorporating their skills into the routine for maximum impact.

Once the routines are created, the competition begins. Each choreographer can showcase their routine in front of a panel of expert judges and a live audience.

The judges evaluate each routine based on creativity, technical skill, and overall impact. In the end, only one choreographer can be crowned the winner and take home the title of superstar choreographer.

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Who Is Bruno Duarte From Dance 100? Age Explored

Bruno Duarte is a professional dancer and choreographer from Earlsfield, England. He is of White/European descent and is currently in the age range of 20-29.

Bruno stands tall at 5’11” (1m 80cm) and is muscular, weighing in at 11th. 11lb. (75kg). He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is known for Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) and Queen (2022).

In 2017, Bruno received a qualification in forensic science from Egas Moniz. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, making him a valuable asset in international productions.

Bruno Duarte
Bruno Duarte is set to showcase his incredible dancing skills in Dance 100 (Source: Instagram)

As a dancer, Bruno is proficient in a wide range of styles, including African dance styles, Dancehall, Freestyle/Improvisation, Hip Hop, Krump, Locking, Popping, Street Dance, and Waacking.

This versatile skill set has allowed him to work on various projects throughout his career. Additionally, in 2018, Bruno was a dancer for the MTV EMAS event.

Likewise, Duarte has also worked as a choreographer and model, showcasing his ability to create and perform choreography and present a brand or product.

Bruno Duarte is a talented and versatile dancer and choreographer with a solid educational background and diverse language skills. He is a valuable addition to any production in the entertainment industry.

More about Bruno Duarte girlfriend And Family

Bruno is an emerging dancer and a rising star in the entertainment industry. His dazzling moves and captivating performances have won him countless fans, but little is known about his parents and family.

This enigmatic figure has managed to keep his private life under wraps, leaving many curious about the person behind the talent.

Bruno Duarte
Bruno Duarte and his girlfriend, Martynka Berbas (Source: Instagram)

Fans are left wondering about his upbringing, childhood, and family. Perhaps he came from a family of dancers or discovered his passion for dance alone. 

The dancer is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Martynka Berbas, who uses the username @morlinowelowe on her Instagram handle. She is also a dancer, choreographer and model.

The power couple’s electrifying performances leave audiences spellbound, and their charisma and stage presence is undeniable. Similarly, the fans are mesmerized by the love and affection on their Instagram handles.

How Much is the Net Worth of Bruno Duarte? 

The net worth of Bruno Duarte is not publicly available. However, he may earn anywhere from a few thousand to several million dollars yearly. The net worth can vary greatly depending on their level of success and experience in the industry. 

He just started in the industry; therefore, the pay can be relatively low, earning around $25,000 to $40,000 annually. However, his earnings can increase significantly as he gains experience and establishes himself in the industry.

Bruno Duarte
Bruno Duarte leaves audiences spellbound with his dancing skills (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Bruno may get to work with high-profile celebrities or on significant motion pictures, which will help him earn significantly more than those on smaller productions.

In addition to his earnings from working on productions, Bruno can earn money through other avenues such as endorsements, merchandise sales, and teaching classes. 

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