Brendon Urie racist and net worth

Music lovers may know American singer-songwriter Brendon Urie. Now, fans want to know about Brendon Racist News. Is the singer Labeled Racist And Received Hatred? Let’s investigate. 

Urie was the favorite singer of many people, but now, it seems the opposite. He received fame for being the lead singer for Panic! At The Disco. 

Brendon can play multi instruments, such as drums, guitar, violin, piano, and trumpet. The guy will play anything with ease.

His songs and albums are famous all across North America and even internationally. Brendon Urie’s current net worth is $12 million. The singer amasses the majority of his fortune through his music career.

Moreover, Brendon is a successful solo artist. He has appeared on Broadway. 

Some popular songs and albums of Urie include This is Gospel, Don’t Threaten Me, Don’t Let the Light Go Out, Emperor’s New Clothes, and High Hopes. 

The famous American music star began his career giving audition as a guitarist. He auditioned for the band Panic! At The Disco.

Eventually, other band members saw his impressive vocal range and talent, so they decided to make him their lead singer. 

Now, Shifting our curiosity back to Brendon Urie Racist News. Did the singer pass racist comments?

Here’s an exciting fact — Brendon is a huge Taylor Swift fan. He says Swift’s talent and dedication inspired him to become a vocalist.

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Brendon Urie Racist: Has He Been Labeled Racist And Received Hatred?

House of Memories singer Brendon Urie is now in trouble for passing some racist and mean comments in the past. His past race-related words are now trending on the web, and he is receiving hatred for his comments. 

Brendon Urie labeled racist
Brendon Urie is labeled racist for passing race-related comments in the past. (Source: Kerrang)

Moreover, Urie’s family was an essential part of The Mormon Church. The church is also famous as the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints.

However, the music star abandoned his family religion at 17. Urie’s disbelief in the doctrine inspired his decision.

In addition, Urie has been passing comments on other vital topics. The singer was vocal about his sexuality. In 2013. he revealed that he was attracted to men. This was before meeting his wife, Sarah.

But Urie is now clear about his sexual preference and calls himself straight. Although he previously experimented with men, now he is clear about his sexuality.

In 2018, the music star revealed himself as pansexual. He was still in a relationship with Sarah at the time. 

The huge Taylor Swift fan has synesthesia. It is a condition that affects the understanding of letters, numbers, and other symbols. 

Speaking of Urie’s mental condition, he has had ADHD from an early age. He also took medicine to ease his condition.

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Brendon Urie’s Family, Wife, And Kids

Former Panic! At The Disco lead singer Brendon Urie tied the knot with Sarah Orzechowski Urie in 2013. Sarah is his longtime girlfriend. 

Urie first met Sarah through their mutual friend Hayley Williams. They started dating and engaged in 2011.

The couple resided in Los Angeles until 2017. But Urie’s family and wife seek more privacy and like to stay in the shadows. They moved to an undisclosed site to start their family. 

Speaking of his children with Sarah, Urie and his wife are proud parents of two kids. 

Brendon Urie Wife Sarah
Brendon Urie’s Wife, Sarah. (Source: People)

Honestly speaking, Sarah and Urie are even more private about their kids’ identities. They don’t want to spoil their kids’ life growing up in the media limelight. 

Urie was born in Summerlin, Nevada, to Boyd and Grace Urie on 12 April 1987. His parents, with their five kids, moved to Las Vegas in his early childhood. Brendon is the youngest among his four siblings. 

Brendon Urie’s Net Worth 

According to various legit sources, House of Memories singer Brendon Urie’s net worth is $12 million. He earned a portion of his wealth as a main singer for the band Panic! At the Disco.

Four original members of the famous band were Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross, Wilson, and Urie. The band started producing their original music following Urie’s arrival. 

Moreover, as a single artist, Urie has collaborated with many artists, including Dillon Francis, Travis McCoy, Taylor Swift, and Gym Class Heroes. 

Perhaps, Urie has received a massive paycheque working with big-name record label companies. The music star’s whopping $12 million fortune proves this fact. 

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