Audrey Fleurot Husband

People are curious to know about Audrey Fleurot husband. Learn more about her personal and family life.

Audrey Fleurot is a French Actress best known for her roles as Hortense Larcher in Un village français, Joséphine Karlsson in Spiral, and the Lady of the Lake in Kaamelott.

Audrey portrayed Magalie in the worldwide hit blockbuster movie The Intouchables in 2011. She was in charge of the 17th Festival international des jeunes réalisateurs in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in 2012.

For her role in Wrestling Queens in 2013, Fleurot specialized in catch wrestling for three months. In 2013, she performed Samantha’s voiceover for the French dub of the movie Her.

 She also appeared in “Un village français” from 2009 to 2017 as Hortense Larcher. Additionally, from 2010 to 2012, she acted in “Affaires étrangères,” “Tango,” and “Pop Redemption” in 2013.

Meet Audrey Fleurot Husband Djibril Glissant And Her Son

The French Actress Audrey Fleurot is well known for her numerous acting roles on both small and large screens.

Although Audrey Fleurot hasn’t yet gotten married, she is dating actor-director Djibril Glissant, with whom she has a son.

Audrey Fleurot Husband
Audrey Fleurot with her boyfriend Djibril Glissant.  (Source: Femme Actuelle )

On a tango track, which also happens to be Djibril’s favorite, the pair met for the first time sometime in 2013. The two would have encountered while taking a tango class and remained together forever.

Fleurot mentioned her desire to have children earlier in February 2012. It appears pretty evident that the Actress has finally found the proper man.

Just three years after making the above comment, in November 2015, Audrey gave birth to her son Lou.

It is yet unknown when this wonderful couple will get married. When that day finally arrives, fans will be eager to attend their wedding.

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Audrey Fleurot family Life Explored

In Mantes-la-Jolie, France, Audrey Fleurot was born on July 6, 1977. She is well-known for her outstanding performances.

She was born to her parents, Philippe Duclos and Romy Schneider. The only thing revealed about her parents is that her Father was a firefighter.

Vallier Olga Varen and Odile VersoisHélène are her two siblings. She doesn’t provide details about her parents or other family members.

The young Audrey studied for three years at the Ensatt National School Of Arts, And Techniques Du Théâtre spent 1995–1997 as a student at Pantheon–Sorbonne University.

When she was just 23 years old, Audrey Fleurot began her acting career in 2000.

Her light skin tone, chiseled jawline, and slim build are all attractive features. Along with brown hair, she also has green eyes.

After finishing her education in 2000, Audrey started acting in plays and making tv appearances. She got featured in a part of the hit sitcom Une Seconde sur Deux.

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How Much Net Worth Does Audrey Fleurot Earn?

Audrey Fleurot is one of the wealthiest and most well-known actors. She got listed as one of the most well-liked actresses in the elite list of prominent figures.

Audrey Fleurot Husband
Audrey Fleurot attending an event. (Source: Public )

She’s made a sizable amount of money due to her excellent performance. According to the source Famous birthday, Audrey’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Audrey had her breakthrough roles in the 2005 television shows Kaamelott, in which she played the Lady of the Lake, and Spiral, a Police procedural series, in which she played the ambitious lawyer Joséphine Karlsson.

Fleurot was featured in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris in 2011, but Audrey was disappointed that most of her lines were cut during editing.

Audrey played herself in the first season of Call My Agent! in 2015. She was the main character in the popular miniseries Le Bazar de la Charité in 2019, which aired on TF1 and Netflix.

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