Aubrey Plaza And Matthew Gray Gubler

Aubrey Plaza and Matthew Gray Gubler on-screen chemistry is excellent and they are adored by many but are they dating in real? 

Aubrey Plaza is an Actress, comedian, and producer. Aubrey Plaza hails from the United States. 

She started in the entertainment industry as a Saturday Night Live intern.

Afterward, she performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City as an improv and sketched comic.

On the other hand, Matthew Gray Gubler is an American Actor, director, and artist. An Actor is well known for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid in the long-running CBS crime Drama series “Criminal Minds.”

Gubler began his professional life as a model before switching to acting. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a 2004 comedy, marked his feature film debut. Moreover, he appeared in “Suburban Gothic” movies and “500 Days of Summer”.

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Aubrey Plaza And Matthew Gray Gubler Relationship: Are They Dating?

No, Aubrey Plaza and Matthew Gray Gubler are not dating.

They are friends in real life, and cheerful chemistry between them is immediately evident on screen.

Many fans loved their Criminal Minds on-screen relationship. One of the more contentious pairings in the Criminal Minds universe was manipulative hitwoman Cat Adams(Aubrey Plaza) and fan-favorite genius BAU agent Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

The two had only a few face-to-face encounters throughout the show, but each was incredibly intense.

Aubrey Plaza And Matthew Gray Gubler
No, Aubrey Plaza and Matthew Gray Gubler are not dating (Source: Pinterest)

Fans on the Criminal Minds subreddit recently debated whether the narrative was worthwhile when it was brought up that Reid and Cat’s relationship was like a roller coaster.

In a 2016 interview with TVLine, Plaza outlined how her friend Matthew Gray Gubler’s intervention led to her being cast in the program.

He co-starred in the film Life After Beth alongside Plaza and portrayed Dr. Spencer Reid on the television show Minds.

She recalled, I know this sounds strange, but this is a special episode involving my character, and would you read it? Matthew, who is a friend of mine, wrote me the screenplay.

Plaza had yet to watch much of the show, but the prospect of portraying a sinister figure convinced him to do so.

Aubrey Plaza Husband: Is She Married?

Aubrey Plaza tied the knot to her husband, Jeff Baena.

The pair were married in secret in 2021 after dating since 2011. As husband and wife, the couple has worked together on other projects, including the 2022 movie Spin Me Round, written and directed by Baena and stars Plaza.

Aubrey Plaza And Matthew Gray Gubler
Aubrey Plaza tied the knot to her husband, Jeff Baena (Source: Elle)

Her husband, Jeff, is a writer and a director. Most notably, Baena collaborated on the script for the Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law, and Naomi Watts starring 2004 movie I Heart Huckabees.

Shortly after, he made his directing debut with the zombie comedy Life After Beth, which he also wrote and directed. Plaza stars.

Matthew Gray Gubler Dating Life

In 2007, Matthew Gray Gubler also had a brief relationship with Kat Dennings. The Criminal Minds Actress reportedly dated Dennings for “a long time,” The two reportedly remained close friends even after their breakup.

There was a rumor that Matthew Gray Gubler dated Taylor Swift briefly in 2013.

When the Actor from Las Vegas was seen in 2013 enjoying the Fourth of July with the All Too Well singer in her kitchen, the rumors began circulating.

The two were seen together frequently. However, nothing was confirmed.

It has also been romantically linked to celebrities, including singer Charlotte Kemp Muhl and Cobra Starship’s Victoria Asher. Since 2005, the latter has been romantically involved with John Lennon’s son.

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