Ariana Madix Fiance

Regarding Ariana Madix Fiance, despite the circulating rumors, Ariana has yet to confirm if Daniel Wai is officially her husband-to-be.

As whispers about Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix’s love life swirl through Hollywood, the buzz has centered around a particular name: Daniel Wai, a personal trainer from New York.

Following her split with Tom Sandoval, Madix has been spotted frequently with Wai, igniting speculation about a potential engagement. While there’s undeniable chemistry between them, there’s no confirmation of an engagement yet.

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Ariana Madix Fiance: Is She Engaged To Daniel Wai?

Amid a flurry of speculation and rumors, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has been seen increasingly in the company of Daniel Wai, a personal trainer based out of New York.

This has led to questions about whether she is now engaged with Wai. However, while the pair have been spotted together at multiple events, including the famous music festival Coachella, no confirmed reports suggest they are engaged.

The relationship, as it stands, seems to be more in the realm of casual dating. After the public and messy end to her relationship with Tom Sandoval, Madix is likely taking things slow and enjoying her newly single status.

Ariana Madix Fiance
Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has been seen increasingly in the company of Daniel Wai. (Source: Narcity)

“Ariana is not ready to commit to anything serious right now as she is still healing from the relationship that just ended with Tom,” an insider explained, emphasizing that she is looking for good times rather than jumping into another relationship.

Madix has mirrored these sentiments on her social media channels, showing gratitude to her friends and supporters and hinting at a period of self-discovery and growth.

A source added that Madix is “just having fun” with Wai and enjoying his company without pressure. This statement resonates with Madix’s recent Instagram posts, where she exudes confidence and seems to enjoy her life post-breakup.

And despite the circumstances of their split, Sandoval has publicly wished his ex-girlfriend luck with her romantic life, showing a level of maturity and support that fans have well received.

Ariana Madix Relationship Timeline

Madix’s relationship rumors with Wai started in April 2023 when they were seen at Coachella, enjoying the music and each other’s company.

The casual nature of their relationship was further cemented when Madix posted several snaps of them holding hands and kissing at the festival, igniting romance speculation among fans.

They were spotted on several outings throughout April, deepening their bond. Wai responded positively when asked to care for Madix, affirming his respect and care for the reality TV star.

Ariana Madix Fiance
Madix’s relationship rumors with Wai started in April 2023 when they were seen at Coachella. (Source: TODAY)

Their relationship took a more serious turn when Madix visited Wai in New York, sparking further rumors about their relationship’s future. They were photographed at a baseball game and getting cozy on various date nights.

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The romance speculations sparked more after Madix joined Wai to celebrate his birthday in May 2023.

The celebration included a shopping trip and a group dinner, during which the duo was spotted packing on the PDA while strolling through New York City. Despite these events, Madix and Wai remain tight-lipped about their relationship status.

They are likely choosing to focus on the present without the pressures of labels or expectations. As Ariana Madix navigates through the aftermath of a public breakup, she finds a companion in Daniel Wai.

While fans eagerly await more news on this budding relationship, Madix focuses on healing, growth, and enjoying her time with Wai. The couple is not engaged, but the future holds endless possibilities.

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