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Dennis Rodman was one of the highly expected players to make it big in the NBA industry, but things always didn’t go according to the plan. He is also an actor, wrestler, and many more. Readers might be thinking that we are going to talk about him, but no, it is not the case. Annie Bakes was one of his love interest at a point in time.

Here we will talk about her who held the hand of Rodman but not for an extended period. Readers might be interested to know about her for sure. So be seated to get treated with some surprises and genuine information on Annie Bakes.

Annie Bakes net worth
Annie Bakes with Dennis Rodman Source: Pure People

But first, some quick facts surely helps the search

Annie Bakes: Quick Facts

Full Name Anicka Bakes
Date of Birth 1965/04 /26
Nickname Annie Bakes
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 55
Profession Host, Model
Nationality American
Children 1
Eye color Dark-Brown
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Ex-Spouse Dennis Rodman
Net Worth $1.4 million


Anicka Bakes was born on 26th February 1965 in Pennsylvania. The name of her parents is not known to the general media. Not only the parent’s name but nothing on the name of any siblings are available to the essential fans.

She holds the American nationality along with the mixed ethnicity. Her zodiac sign falls under Pisces, which suggests the fact that Bakes is more intuitive and selfless.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Annie Bakes?

Annie is 55 years old as of now. She stands at a decent height and a smile that tends to overhaul the camera most of the time. Her height is not known to anyone, but looking at her images with Dennis, we feel she stands at a pretty average height. To go along with the height, her weight is suitable. If something on the vital body statistics pops out, readers will be updated.

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Annie has a slim body, and looking at her career, we feel that a workout is her way. Keeping a fit body with a strict diet makes her talk of the town even at 55. To round up the charming looks, blonde hair and dark brown eyes play the lead role.

Early Life and Education

One of the exciting facts about Annie is the fact that she hit puberty way early than anyone had expected of her. All of this brought some bullying, and she was mocked all her childhood. So at times, the childhood of Bakes was pretty tough to be in. However, most of her needs were fulfilled with ease by her parents.

In the case of educational background, though, nothing is available. Either Annie might be graduated or not at all. Nothing can be said about it. Even though her career has gone well, we feel that her educational background didn’t hamper the model.


Early starters tend to make a significant impact in the field of success. Annie is the prime example of this fact who started her modeling at the age of 16.

When she was 16 but highly matured in her looks, she was approached by a modeling agent. This turned her life and goals upside down. All of this experience helped Annie to make significant strides and also appear in lingerie modeling and even the swimwear brands.

In the year 1986, Annie was part of Ford Models. This was a significant spike in her rather illustrious career. But sadly, the fame was cut short when Bakes met with an accident in the same year.

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It was a catastrophic event where she had lots of injuries and scars. This resulted in the halt of her progress as a model, and things never remained the same. After the incident, Annie started doing hosting at LA around clubs.

What the fans of Annie might not know is the fact that she is also a writer. After getting out of her marriage, she started writing and released a book too. In 1997, Bakes published a book named Worst Than He Says He Is: My Walk On The Wild Side With Dennis Rodman.

One of the interesting facts about this book is that it was released later under another title, ” White Girls Don’t Bounce.” Looking at the age periphery, she is undoubtedly living a low-key life and partially appearing in the media.

Husband| Who Is Annie Bakes Husband?

One of the many reasons to know Annie is also her hard-fought marriage then went haywire with time. Annie was married to none other than Dennis Rodman, who is a multi-talented individual.

Both of them met in a club in 1987, and things started to go merry for them. After having a pretty good time, they also gave birth to the child. Their marriage, however, came in the year 1991.

Annie Bakes daughter
Alexis Rodman

It was a close event with not much publicity. To add strength to their marriage, they were blessed with a kid named Alexis Rodman. Things were going well when they went downwards. They sadly separated from each other in time.


One of the most controversial and talked of divorce is sure of Dennis and Annie. In the year 1992, they made ways for each other. There were lots of reasons shown for it.

Annie stated that she got STD due to Dennis’s relationship, and all of this turned out into a pretty big fight. The divorce case was filed. Later, to everyone’s surprise, they made reconciliation plans for the daughter’s sake.

Nothing like that turned out to be the reality as Rodman went on to marry Electra. After this marriage too, Annie didn’t stop and said in an interview that Dennis was cheating on her even though they were in a relationship.

To add up the list of accuse, Bakes said the fact that Rodman had an affair with Madonna and pointed out that he married Electra for only nine days. Man, these are some accusations of being made on a man who is once a respected player.

Things and pain didn’t end for Annie here as she went under therapy to come out of the turmoil-led marriage. Looking out from all of this, she married a police officer in the year 2006.

Surprisingly nothing on the police officer is known to anyone, and suspicions are always around her. At this point, however, she has gone absolutely under the eyes of the prying media and living a pretty low-key life.

Net Worth

Although Annie’s modeling career was cut short due to an accident, she accumulated a lot during her glory days. Following the painful accident, Annie went on to do hosting and make good bucks from it too. As of 2020, Bakes’s net worth stands at $1.4 million.

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Bakes is undoubtedly doing her promotions and endorsements even at this age. This only does justice to her charm and elegance. Although there is proper information on net worth, information on the annual income and assets owned will be updated soon.

On the other hand, her ex-husband owns the worth of $500k. At this point in Annie is living a lavish life with her daughter and new husband.

Social Media Reach

Annie might be one of the prime models of her time, but the fame is slowly going under the radar lately. This has made her enjoy life and earn bucks. As a result, there are social media of Bakes which fans could use to follow her daily life updates.

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