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Anil Bheem, well known by his on-air moniker Anil “The Vocalist,” was a well-known singer and radio host. At age 48, he passed away.

Anil was the Leader and Founder of The BMRZ Empire in addition to his singing and RJ work.

Anil gained notoriety for hosting the top-rated Indian program in the country in the 1990s, Chutney Train, on Saturday mornings.

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Anil Bheem Wikipedia, Age, And Family

Anil Bheem passed away unexpectedly this morning at the age of 48.

Despite being a well-known vocalist or singer, Anil Bheem does not have a biography on Wikipedia. Anil Bheem was married to Cheryl Bheem.

Anil Bheem Wikipedia
Anil Bheem with his wife (Source: Facebook)

Anil has avoided drawing attention to his Family. There are a limited number of details available concerning his Family as a result.

The radio host is survived by his wife Cheryl, two kids, Neelun and Prithivi, and grandchildren. His mother, Pramatee, is also a main reason of his survival.

“With heavy hearts, we relay the news that our dear Anil Bheem passed away this morning, and they are still processing it,” the 103.1 FM reported.

His wife Cheryl, daughters, Family, friends, coworkers in the business, and fans all received condolence messages from the radio station.

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How Did The Vocalist Anil Bheem Die?

On February 4, 2023, radio station 103.1 FM issued a Facebook post confirming Anil Bheem’s passing.

After playing at two pre-Carnival gatherings, according to Trinidad Express, the singer passed away.

Anil Bheem Wikipedia
Image of Anil Bheem (Source: AZPnews)

Around 6.20 am, the singer’s Company, 103.1fm, posted on Facebook to confirm his death.

However, the real cause of Bheem’s passing has not yet been made public in the media.

His admirers and observers believe that heart failure may have been one of the leading causes of his death since he stopped breathing after his performances.

Before his passing, the vocalist sang at a gathering in Chaguanas and later on Fenomenal Fridays on 103.1fm at the Rig Restaurant in La Romaine.

Sources claim that the singer passed away on February 4 at his home in Curepe, the morning following a performance the previous evening.

Anil Bheem started working as a technical operator for 103FM, the first all-Indian music station in Trinidad and Tobago, in 1993.

As the vocalist, Anil typically sang lines from well-known Bollywood songs sung by the legendary playback singer of India, Kumar Sanu.

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What Was The net Worth Of Anil Bheem?

Anil Bheem’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $1 million as of 2023.

The radio host was employed by 103.1 FM and was the afternoon host of the well-liked drivetime program Catch the Rhythms.

With his band, the BMRZ, the singer recently sang Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki, a local classic by Mohammed Rafi, as The Indian Anthem.

Anil Bheem Wikipedia
Sudden death of Anil Bheem (Source: Trinidadexpress)

Salary experts estimate that the median gross salary in Trinidad and Tobago is $99,416 or $48 per hour.

2.4 million people have viewed his most recent song, The Indian Anthem, barely four months after it was posted to the YouTube account of West Indian Chutney Music.

Many people have expressed their sincere condolences to Anil Bheem’s Family and relatives because he was one of the well-known vocalists.

The well-known band Dil E Nadan said on Facebook: “Never leaving our hearts despite disappearing from our sight. A wonderful brother who cherished his Family displayed his love for our culture, and graced the airwaves to brighten our lives.”

Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez, a well-known soca performer, sent his sympathies to the Family.

We also pray for peace for his lovely soul as it rests in paradise.

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