If a good actor gets a better script, his life can change in a quick time. Angus Cloud is one of those individuals who became famous after his work in Euphoria.

There is limited work from the actor, but his modeling career is also pretty amazing to the lookout. Surely more of his things are under the radar. In this article, we will allow readers to indulge in his personal life.

Angus Cloud net worth
Angus Cloud

Let’s start with quick facts

Angus Cloud: Quick Facts

Full Name Angus Cloud
Date of Birth 1994
Nickname Angus
Parent’s Name Not available
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Oakland, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 26
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 5’8″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Build Slim
Net Worth $230k
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated June,2024

Who Is Angus Cloud?

Angus Cloud is an American actor and model who rose to fame from his work in the series Euphoria. The audience highly likes the role of Fezco.

Age and Parents

In 1994 Angus Cloud was born in Oakland. The exact date of birth of the actor is not known to the general media. His secrecy is pretty confusing at times.

Cloud’s parent’s name is not known to the general media. Not only the parent’s name but the sibling’s information is also a far cry. We feel things might not have been right in the family.

Moreover, Angus holds the American nationality along with white ethnicity. The American actor is 26 years old as of now. Due to a lack of accurate date of birth, the zodiac sign is not available for anyone to see.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Cloud is into his mid 20’s, suggesting that he is just entered into his prime, be it looks or acting reach. Angus stands at the height of 5’8″ and weighs 70 kgs. His robust personality highly supports his average height.

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Angus is pretty good-looking, and the bulky physical outlook suits him on screen. Likewise, his vital body statistics stand at 42-31-35 inches. There is no presence of any tattoo on the body of the actor.

Added to that, the average height is accompanied by a shoe size of 9.5. Ultimately the brown eyes and black hair help him look complete in the physical outlook periphery.

Angus has stormed the internet with his entirely new appearance. Instead of bringing back the military style, he introduced a more mature and heart-fluttering look in the Euphoria series with his simple buzz cut, clean sides, and beard.

Early Days and Education

Cloud was born in Oakland and spent his childhood there with his family and siblings. Although the name of the parents is not known, sources claim his parents were professors.

From the beginning, there was an academics environment in the family. As a child, Angus had stage fright and could hardly speak in front of the mass. But things changed for the actor, and his career took a shift.

In the case of educational background, though, Angus was part of Oakland School for Arts. Surprisingly he didn’t study acting there. Sources claim that the actor dropped high school to focus on acting and modeling. Looking back, we feel it was the right decision.


Angus was not sure about what his career will pan out, but lately, his mind changed, and things started to happen.

The beginning indeed was seen in the field of modeling. Surprisingly, the information on the modeling achievements is kept under the radar. But what made him highly famous overnight is the work in the series Euphoria.

The audience highly likes the role of Fezco. The show was streamed by HBO in 2019, airing the first episode on 16th June 2019. In the show, Angus drops out of college to sell drugs.

Well, all of this is done to protect his love interest, Rue, which is played by Zendaya. With time the series moves to places and also achieves nerve-racking scenes.

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This made him famous overnight, and works started to flow toward him. To this point, Cloud has been part of a handful of projects. North Hollywood, Dear Class of 2020, are some of them. 

However, Angus is not pleased by his popularity and just wants to be treated as a regular guy rather than as some celebrity. In an interview, he said,

“I prefer to meet somebody who was famous and not know who the f*ck they were, and just have a regular interaction with them, and then maybe I’ll figure out, ‘Oh man, they’re in a movie? That’s cool.’”

Angus’s role in the acting world might be a small one, but surely more is yet to come that will amaze the audience. With any new changes, readers will be made aware.

Angus Cloud: Head Injury?

With his clean, saved hair, fans can see a line-shaped scar on his right side of the hair, which has sparked concern and inquiries regarding its origin. But don’t worry, fam, he didn’t sustain any such harm.

It is the Euphoria, Fez (Angus character) was accidentally hit by his grandmother with the crowbar, and that scar has been sustained due to that incident. 

Who Is Angus Cloud Girlfriend?

Cloud is good-looking and also an eligible bachelor. Yes, it might be good news for many, but the Euphoria actor is single at this point.

During his work in Euphoria, sources made assumptions that there was something between him and Zendaya. Their chemistry was so good that the audience started making assumptions.

But later, Cloud came out bright, stating the fact that he is single. He was also rumored to be in a relationship with his costar Maude, but it soon died as speculation of her being in a relationship with their co-star Lukas Gage surfaced. 

There is hardly any female company with the man in events. In an interview, he noted the fact that career is the main focus than making the matches.

Angus Cloud girlfriend
Angus Cloud with his friend

Looking at his charm, we feel the actor is undoubtedly dating someone under the radar. Whatever might be the case, Angus is not married, not engaged up until this point. If something fruitful pops out, readers will be made aware.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

Angus has been part of fewer than five projects, but his outstanding skill set has made him famous. For the influential work in Euphoria, the actor has made fame and fortune in bulk.

As of 2020, Cloud owns a worth of $230k. All of this is the result of acting and also the modeling work he did behind the scenes. In his free time, though, Angus is seen traveling and doing photography.

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Most of the time, this Euphoria actor spends time with his family watching series and also going to exotic places. Other than that, Cloud is an animal lover too. The American actor owns a pet dog that is pretty close to him.

Although there is proper information on the net worth, annual income and assets owned are not known. Whatever might be the case, this actor has a lavish life.

Internet Fame

If you are good-looking and famous, social media is always a fan and proof of your reach and skills. His fashion sense is so well-known that Teen Vogue has a section dedicated to all of the clothes he has worn in public appearances.

Well, Cloud is no less of an actor, and the man surely has a commendable amount of followers for the work he has done until now. Fans can follow him on.

Instagram– 8.3Million  followers

Twitter– 1.7 Million followers

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Angus related to Mac Millar?

Many fans have been gossiping over the resemblance between Angus and legend singer Mac Millar. However, they are not related to each other by blood.

Did Angus Cloud go to school with Zendaya?

Both are natives of Oakland, and both went to the Bay Area’s Oakland School of Art. He said in an interview that though they share some friends, he actually didn’t know her in school.

How did Angus get cast for Euphoria?

He kind of has an exciting story about his casting for Euphoria. Actually, he was scouted for his looks while walking down the street. Initially, he thought it was a scam and didn’t share his number; however, he went to audition, and now you know where he ended up.



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