Andy Roddick Gay

Many tennis and sports fans are curious to learn about Andy Roddick Gay News. Many wonder about his sexuality and relationship with his wife, Brooklyn Decker. A few see the tennis star as gay, but he’s not. 

Andrew Stephen Roddick, shortly Andy Roddick, is a professional tennis player. The former American player began his pro tennis career in 2000.

The former world’s No. 1 tennis player is from America. He participated in the US Open Tour in 2003, 2004, and 2007. 

Also, he is among a few American men to win the 2003 US Open. Roddick remained a major world champion, having achieved the title. 

Moreover, Andrew remained in the top 10 ranks for nine consecutive years, from 2002 to 2010. He was one of few players to achieve five Masters titles in that period.

Presenting a lesser-known fact about the former male athlete — The world’s No. 1 ranking Andy Roddick retired from professional tennis in 2012. the 2012 Us Open was his last international competition.

He retired from sports to focus on his Andy Roddick Foundation.

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Is Andy Roddick Gay? Know More On His Sexual Preference

Some fans seek Andy Roddick Gay News. The former tennis cchampion’ssexuality and gender preference are debated topics. Speaking of RRoddick’ssexuality, he is straight. No, tennis star Andy Roddick is not gay.

Andy Roddick wife
Andy RRoddick’swife, Brooklyn Decker, is a former swimsuit model and television personality. (Source: Essentially Sports)

The former world champion tied the knot with Brooklyn Decker in 2009.

Saying Roddick prefers straight sexual orientation. He is not homo by any means. 

Also, Roddick has never identified himself as gay in press conferences and interviews. However, the sports star has never necessarily cleared his preferences.

But identifying someone as gay without their approval can seem quite foolish. Also, RRoddick’slifestyle and marriage to Decker have never hinted otherwise.

His sports career has also not led people to speculate whether Roddick may be bisexual. 

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Andy RRoddick’sMarriage With Brooklyn Decker: Kids, And Family

Former Tennis player Andy Roddick married Brooklyn Decker in 2009. Roddick is deeply in love with his wife, Decker, as they will celebrate their 13th marriage anniversary in 2023.

The two lovers, Roddick and Decker, lived in his hometown Austin, Texas. But they shifted from the place. Now they reside in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The former tennis star and his wife seem more dedicated to Andy Roddick Foundation. 

His wife Decker is famous on television as she has appeared in many shows. She tied the knot with Andy in 2009.

A happily married couple, Andy and Brooklyn are parents to two kids, a son and a daughter. The tennis star and his wife welcomed their eldest child, son, Hank, in 2015. 

Also, his second child, the youngest daughter, Stevie, was born in 2017. 

Net Worth Of Andy Roddick

One of the most talented tennis players and the world. 1, Andy RRoddick’snet worth is $40 million. Roddick is one of the highest-paid male athletes worldwide.

Andy Roddick net worth
Andy RRoddick’snet worth is $40 million. (Scroll)

The retired tennis player had a 74.18% winning percentage during his pro career. He began his official sports career in 2000. 

Roddick received fame after ranking number one in the world two separate times. He is the last American male to receive a grand slam title. 

American tennis player Roddick is living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has represented America internationally in many competitions. 

The talented tennis player was known for his strong mental strength, winning 32 titles. 

RRoddick’sfortune came from his tennis career, but he earned a whopping salary from endorsing various brands and other business ventures. He paid a whopping $310 thousand to purchase a modest home in Boca Raton, Florida, in 2001. 

Roddick is known for investing in many real estates. Before marrying Brooklyn, he bought a lavish NYC apartment, costing him $1.1 million.

He listed a 1.8-acre lake-front property for sale in 2013. The house covered nearly 9000 sq. feet, and the property cost at least $12.5 million. 

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