Andrew Liner

Millions of people have fallen in love with renowned Actor Andrew Liner. 

In the ABC television series Grown-ish, a sequel to Black-ish, Andre Liner played the role of Rodney.

The comedic series follows the Johnson family’s kids as they start college and enter adulthood.

Once they leave home, they discover that only some things go as planned. In the third season, Rodney, a gentle, baby-faced babe with a pretty smile Sky’s new love interest.

However, after much struggle, he flirts with her, but their relationship breaks down when she learns he is white.

It is still being determined whether they are dating or not. Many of their admirers hope they will be together and ship them together.

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Who Is Andrew Liner From Grown-ish? His Age

American Actor, musician, and model Andrew Liner were born in Beverly Hills, California, on October 7, 2000. He will be 23 years old as of [2023].

Andrew Liner
Image of Andrew Liner (Source: The list)

He is 22 years old. Liner is well-known for his roles in several films and television shows, including Better Things, Grown-ish, and Vampire Academy.

Moreover, Andrew finished his studies in his hometown which is Beverly Hills. He attended Beverly Hills High School as a student.

We could not find any information regarding his early years because so little information was available.

We could not locate any information about his parents because he has not disclosed anything about them.

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Is Andrew Liner Dating Anyone?

Andrew Liner seems to be single right now. Additionally, he has never discussed anything about his relationships or dating history.

Despite posting pictures of his acquaintances, Andrew has never shared a photo of himself and a potential love interest.

Moreover, Andrew seems different from the sort to post everything about his personal life online.

The majority of the posts are about his job and daily activities. He hasn’t yet disclosed as much about his life as a result.

He does seem to be a private individual; therefore, we may infer that he might be more preoccupied with developing his career than his love life.

He is a diligent worker, and since music is one of his interests, he also makes a living as a musician.

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Andrew Liner Holds An Massive Net Worth Through His Profession 

Andrew Liner has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Acting, singing, and dancing are his three primary sources of income.

As Andrew is quite well-known on social media, we might infer that he has also amassed wealth from various endorsements and commercials.

Andrew Liner
Andrew Liner And Sisi Stringer in The Pilot (Source: IMDb)

He has also made a good amount of money by acting in numerous well-known TV shows and films.

He has also served as a model for various goods, including designer clothing, electronics, footwear, and other branded goods. His life’s net worth has undoubtedly risen as a result of this.

He began acting when he was young and has a lot of stage experience.

He has become even more well-known because of his most recent shows, Vampire Academy and Grown-ish.

Another factor contributing to his winning many people’s hearts is that he enjoys sharing knowledge and trip vlogs with his viewers.

Given his youth, we can be confident that he will appear in several upcoming films, undoubtedly raising his net worth over time.

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