Analiz Osceola

Analiz Osceola, 32, is charged with lying to law enforcement, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and child neglect with serious bodily harm.

The Hollywood Police Department, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and the Seminole Tribe of Florida Police Department all searched for Ahziya after discovering he had a history of abuse.

Ahziya went missing on March 20, 2015, and on March 22, 2015, authorities found him deceased in Hollywood.

The residence where the incident occurred was shared by his Father, Nelson Osceola, his stepmother Analiz Osceola, and his brothers.

According to Rainford-Smith, the proof will show that Analiz Osceola hid Ahziya’s murder.

William Cone, Jr., the defense counsel for Analiz Osceola, told the jurors in his opening statement that Ahziya’s stepmother was only guilty of lying.

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Analiz Osceola – 32-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Killing Ahziya Osceola

Nearly eight years ago, a 3-year-old child was found brutally murdered in Hollywood, and the stepmother accused of the crime is currently on trial.

In 2015, a desperate search for a toddler became a nightmare of charges against a stepmother accused of lying to authorities and abusing her daughter Ahziya nearly to death.

Analiz Osceola, her stepmother, is 32 years old and is accused of brutal child murder, lying to the Police, and seriously injuring a kid.

Analiz Osceola and Ahziya Osceola
Analiz Osceola is the stepmother of Ahziya Osceola (Source- NBC Miami)

Prosecutors told jurors Osceola knew the 3-year-old was critically ill and in pain. Still, instead of assisting him in finding help, he tortured and inflicted further misery on him as he lay dying.

Ahziya died on March 19, 2015. His remains were recovered in a box inside the Johnson Street home of the family.

According to investigators, the child died from blunt force trauma after severe internal injuries.

What happened to Ahziya Osceola legs before his death?

According to the medical examiner’s findings, Ahziya had been living with an untreated fractured leg for at least three weeks.

Analiz claimed the boy injured his ankle after jumping from a BBQ on the back patio, according to Nelson Osceola, who has been charged with child neglect.

Analiz further reported that she took the child to Memorial Regional Hospital Joe DiMaggio, where doctors used a splint to treat a broken foot.

Analiz went to CVS, according to Nelson Osceola, to obtain something to “straighten out” Ahziya’s injured leg.

He also informed Police that the child had a horrible stride, but there was no evidence that Ahziya had significant leg injuries, according to the dad.

Yet, the medical examiner concluded that Ahziya had sustained a spiral fracture to his left tibia and would have been unable to walk without extreme pain.

Ahziya’s body was covered in injuries on the face, arms, legs, and chest, as previously reported.

is Analiz Osceola arrested?

The biological Father and stepmother of a Hollywood teenager discovered dead inside his home last week have been arrested.

Analiz Osceola, 24, was detained on Wednesday for killing Ahziya Osceola, three. According to court documents, she is two months pregnant.

Nelson Osceola
Nelson Osceola was released from jail on a $50,000 bond (Source- WINK News)

Ms. Osceola is charged with aggravated manslaughter, child neglect, and lying to law enforcement. Ahziya Osceola’s Father, Nelson Osceola, is accused of child neglect.

According to Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez-

“Ahziya had a horrible childhood. He endured what we perceived to be a great deal of anguish during his first three years of life, “

Analiz Osceola was detained with her husband on Friday and was being kept at a psychiatric clinic.

Osceola told Police she walked into her stepson’s room at about 10:30 am and found him gone.

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