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Though she is no longer with us, the memory of Amie Harwick continues to shine brightly through her two beloved children, Madison Harwick and Adian Harwick.

Amie Harwick, a renowned family therapist, author, and former fiancée of actor Drew Carey, tragically passed away in February 2020.

Amie was a shining light in therapy, bringing hope and healing countless individuals and families.

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Her gentle guidance and expert knowledge helped mend broken relationships and create stronger, happier households.

Harwick also wrote several books on relationships and therapy, including “The New Sex Bible for Women” and “The Sex Bible for Men.”

Her passing is a great loss to the world, but her legacy of love and compassion will live on through the lives she touched.

Amie made a lasting impact everywhere she went. But her greatest achievement will always be her kids, Madison and Adian, and her family’s love and support.

Though we were heartbroken by her untimely passing, we take comfort in knowing that her spirit lives on through those she loved.

Amie Harwick Promoting Her Books
Amie Harwick Promoting Her Books (Source: Instagram)

Amie Harwick: Quick facts

Full Name Dr Amie Nicole Harwick
Nickname Amie Harwick
Born 20th May 1981
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Horoscope Taurus
Died 15th February 2020
Cause of Death Homicide
Father Tom Harwick
Mother Penny Harwick
Brother Chris Harwick
Kids Madison Harwick
Adian Harwick
Nationality American
Height 5ft. 8in. (172.7 cm)
Weight 58 Kg (128 lbs)
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Updated March 2024

Amie Harwick Kids: Who Are Madison Harwick And Adian Harwick?

While Amie was successful in her career, her greatest joy was being a mother to her two children, Madison Harwick and Adian Harwick.

Madison Harwick, the daughter, is a young adult currently in college. Adian Harwick is Amie’s son and is still a minor.

What Do We Know About Amie Harwick Kids
What Do We Know About Amie Harwick Kids (Source: Instagram)

The therapist kept her personal life closely guarded, particularly her family life, which is why barely any details can be found about her children.

She fiercely protected their privacy; her children meant the world to her. It is evident that Amie valued the sanctity of family life and wanted to shield her children from the spotlight.

She was a devoted mother who put her children’s needs before hers, and her love for them was evident in how she lived her life.

Even though we may not know much about her children, it’s clear that they were her greatest joy and the centre of her world.

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Amie Harwick Husband: Was She Married To Drew Carey?

Amie’s personal life has also made headlines, particularly her relationship with actor and comedian Drew Carey.

The two started their romantic journey in 2017, and their love story reached new heights when they got engaged in 2018.

Amie Harwick And Her Ex-Fiancé Drew Carey
Amie Harwick And Her Ex-Fiancé Drew Carey (Source: people)

However, as the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” and their engagement eventually ended in 2019.

Although they went their separate ways, Amie and Drew’s friendship never wavered, and Drew has been very vocal about his heartache and sorrow following her passing.

Despite the end of their engagement, Drew and Amie remained on good terms proving the bond they shared went beyond just a casual romantic relationship.

Drew’s outpouring of emotion is a testament to their deep connection and the impact Amie had on his life.

Amie’s memory and influence will remain in Drew’s heart and mind and in those who knew and adored her.

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Family And Tragic Death Of Amie Harwick

Amie Harwick was adopted as a child after her biological parents abandoned her, but her adoptive parents ensured she never felt alone.

They helped her understand that family is about the connection and bond that is shared, not genetics.

Harwick was determined to be the parent her biological parents could never be. She gave her children the love, stability and security she longed for.

In February 2020, Amie’s life was tragically cut short. The kind soul was found murdered in her Hollywood Hills home.

Her ex-boyfriend and the prime suspect in the homicide, Gareth Pursehouse, was arrested and charged with her murder.

The case is still ongoing and is being prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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