Amanda Giese, a reality star who has a special bond with the animals, also has a show named after her on Animal Planet, “Amanda To The Rescue;” which focuses primarily on numerous large-scale rescue missions that Amanda herself carries out throughout the nation, dealing with the rescue and preservation of animals with unique medical requirements.

We gathered all the data about Amanda Giese in this post, to learn more about her, keep scrolling down!

Amanda Giese age
Amanda Giese

But before entering her bio straight, here are some of her fast facts that you certainly want to know!

Amanda Giese: Quick Facts

Birth Name: Amanda Giese
Birth Place: American
Age: 36 years old
Eye Color: Blue
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Net Worth: $1 million
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Dating: Jefferey Roy

Who Is Amanda Giese?

Amanda Giese is an American animal rescuer, TV personality, and reality TV star who went to the top after establishing the Panda Paws Rescue, an organization that looks after abused animals.

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Giese is the underdog’s ultimate fighter, the animals that are often overlooked. She is also known on Animal Planet for her popular show named Amanda To The Rescue after herself.

Amanda Giese Bio/Wiki

Amanda Giese was born on January 26, 1983,  in the U.S. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Amanda has been interested in pets since her young age, and she began to rescue pets during elementary school. Giese holds the American nationality, and her ethnicity is White.

Giese studied medical school, but later she left her studies to follow her pet-rescue career. Furthermore, Giese stands at the height of 5 feet, 8 inches(172 cm). With blue eyes and a bald head, she is a good-looking personality.

However, very few details about her childhood life and family have been revealed.

Amanda Giese Cancer Update

Giese had mentioned in one of her episodes on “Amanda To The Rescue” that she likes going bald.

Amanda Giese
Amanda Giese

So, without a doubt, she doesn’t have cancer, and the only reason she’s bald is that she gives her a distinctive haircut.

Amanda Giese With Hair

Because of her edgy haircut and style, many have been curious about her health condition. But worry, not guys! Amanda is completely healthy and does not suffer from any diseases.

Since her transformation, Giese has been rocking the internet and the show with her new avatar. But not everyone is a fan of such a sudden change. While many of her fans have been applauding the star and complementing her bold looks, some are not sure of it.

Amanda Giese with hair
Amanda Giese before she went bald
Source: Spot Magazine

Likewise, it seems many are still not used to seeing Amanda without hair. Well, you can see and decide for yourself. But if you ask us, it looks Giese can rock both looks, no doubt about it!

Amanda Giese’s Tattoos

The animal lover and mother of two wonderful children, Amanda, is a fluffball when it comes to her personality. But contrary to her nature, Giese has a pretty bold appearance.

In addition to her love for animals, it seems Giese is also a fan of tattoos. As a matter of fact, this 36-year-old has many inked on her body from head to toe.

Likewise, her most noticeable one has to be the one on her neck. The geometrical butterfly certainly catches the eyes of passerby’s. Aside from that, Giese has got a plethora of tattoos on her arms and legs.

Amanda Giese tattoos
Amanda Giese flaunting her tattoos

Though the pictures are not clear, it seems they all have a specific meaning to the animal lover. In addition to her tattoos, Amanda also has a nose pin and ring. What can we say? She is edgy to the core.

Amanda Giese Boyfriends And Kids

At present, Amanda is yet to tie a knot with her boyfriend, Jeffrey Roy. Even though the pair still have to spill the beans about their lives of love, it looks like the duo is having a wonderful time.

Moreover, going through her Instagram profile, she often keeps posting pictures with her boyfriend.

Amanda Giese
Amanda Giese

Giese was in a relationship with Grey Walters before she met Jefferey. Walters and Giese were in long term relationships. Grey Walter was a former American basketball player who was a Point Guard player.

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The former pair also shared two kids during their relationship. Their first kid is a son born in 2003 by the name of Beast Giese. Likewise, they were blessed with a daughter, Jade Giese, who was born in 2005.

Net Worth

Giese has a net value of $1 million. Giese gathered most of her fortune as a reality television star from her career. She’s the show star, Amanda To The Rescue, where she’s producing remarkable income.

As a reality TV star, Giese makes satisfactory revenue. She stares at the show’s Animal Planets, Amanda To The Rescue, and generates an average pay from the appearance of $40,000 to $60,000 per episode.

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Moreover, the reality television star also generates pleasant revenue from its endorsements and promotions. According to some sources, she earns from Instagram as a social media endorsement from $235 to $390 per post.

Before Giese’s reality TV career, she worked as a veterinary tech at a 24-hour emergency clinic in Vancouver, Washington. Besides, as a veterinary tech, she earned an average salary of $35,000$50,000 per year.

Social Media

The lover of animals and the rescuer has significant fans following them on her social media sites. If you are an avid fan of animals just like Amanda, her Instagram posts are just for you. Be ready to feast your eyes and fill your hearts with posts of cuddling pups and whatnot.

Instagram: 69.7k Followers

Twitter–  3,194 Followers


  1. CC AMANDA .
    Nous vous soutenons dans tous vos combats.
    Merci pour vos beaux moments passé en votre compagnie et de voir vos formidables toutou.
    Je vous recontacterez un peu plus tard AMANDA
    Merci a vous pour vos bon moments sur la chaine de discovery family

    1. Hello Amanda, It is nice to see that some one like your self has taken interest in caring for animals. Funny Coinscedence you remind me of my dear friend Rhonda

  2. Amanda was friends with our group for about 10 to 15 years. One day she came around and had shaved her head, we ask what was up, she proceeded to tell us she was going thru chemo for cancer. We all supported her for years. Then one day we all noticed she had removed us All from her fb. Then it was announced she got a show on animal planet. She is a fake, liar and sad twisted person for telling us false Info to get sympathy…

    1. I second that. We we’re friends in high school. Everything that comes out of her mouth is straight lies. Just like her 2 different colored eyes.

      1. I think your just jealous of her and the big things she is doing and your probably doing nothing with your life , so who’s lying I think you are , your a loser for putting up a comment like this..

  3. Love your show even though I cry every time I watch.
    Wish there were more people like you and Tia (Pit Bulls and Paroles).
    I love animals. I adopted a 4 yr old male mix from our shelter last year after my husband passed away. He is my best buddy. Never leaves my side.
    Thank you for what you do.

  4. Just wanted to let u know ur an awesome lady n I respect u so much….ur episode with the schnauzer made me cry in a good way….I love ur show n ur right all animals have a right to live like we do and you’re doing an awesome job you’re an awesome lady like I said and I love your show I have two cats that act like dogs but my little Texido Gibson is my baby and Morgan she’s my girl there at three and I wouldn’t trade them for the world thank you so much for what you do for all the animals in the world especially the ones that are that people think are an adoptable keep up the good work

  5. Amanda is a wonderful person she really has a heart for animals big or small healthy or not she tries to help all of the animals live there life as comfortable as she can
    Thank you Amanda….

  6. Hei Amanda. Teet mielettömän hyvää työtä. Jatka samaan malliin!! Ohjelmaasi katsovat täältä minä, puolisoni, kaksi rottaa jotka pelastimme ja pitbull mix joka myös pelastettiin (hänellä oltiin pentuna lyöty nyrkkiraudalla pentuhampaat sisään ja potkittu takapää tohjoksi.. nykyään hän on hieno ja rohkea tyttö <3 ) T. Yksi fani perhe suomesta

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