If you are good at something sooner or later, you are bound to be famous.

Aliya Janell is someone who started low and, at this point, is one of the well-known personalities.

She is an American dancer,  model, social media personality, and whatnot.

But there is a limited amount of people who know about her in detail. Be with us to know everything.

Aliya Janell net worth
Aliya Janell

Let’s begin the digging in with some quick facts

Aliya Janell: Quick Facts

Full Name Aliya Janell
Date of Birth 1994/10 /16
Nickname Aliya
Marital Status Engaged
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Age 28 years old
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Dancer, Model
Merch Queen N’ Lettos
Salary $700k per year
Boyfriend’s Name Tallie Brinson
Nationality American
Profession Dancer, Model
Body Measurements 33-24-33 inches
Weight  57 kgs
Height 5’8″
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Build Slim
Net Worth $2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Youtube, Twitter
Last Update  September2023

Who Is Aliya Janell?

Aliya Janell is an American dancer, model, choreographer, social media personality. She is currently engaged and living a happy life.

Age and Parents

Aliya was born on 16th October 1994 in the USA. The name of her father is Kevin Young, while the mother’s name is out of the media’s eyes.

Her father divorced her mother when she was just a child

Perhaps this is the reason why people call him Baby Daddy of Aliya’s mother. 

Not only the mother’s name but anything on the sibling is also a far cry.

However, we have found out that her mother has white and of Filipino descent. 

This is the reason why she has also accepted that her black and Filipino appearance is due to both her father and mother. Aliya loves the fact that she is black and Filipino. 

Janell is 28 years old as of now. She holds American nationality along with mixed ethnicity.

As she was born in October, the zodiac falls under Libra, suggesting that she is charming and generous.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Janell is into her late 20 so her skill and looks will improve with time and experience for sure. Her height reads at 5’8“, with her weight being 57 kgs.

The specialty for Janell is a robust personality and also well-organized personality.

Aliya loves to work out and is also inspired by the advantages of a fit body most of the time.

As a result, her vital body statistics read at 33-24-33 inches. Surprisingly anything on the shoe size is not known.

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Being a dancer keeping the body fit is the need of the hour, so her body type is also slim.

To complete the physical outlook, black hair and eyes of the same color play the chief role.

Early Days and Education

Aliya was born in the states and spent her childhood there with her family and siblings. Janell’s family migrated from Africa some time back and stayed there.

Even though the official name of the parents is unknown, her childhood was well spent.

Janell always wanted to be a dancer and make a name in the field of the entertainment industry. Without a doubt, there was all support from the family members too.

In the case of educational background, though, Janell was part of UCLA College. Besides this, anything on the major or the year of graduation is also under the radar.


Aliya might be a decent name on the dancing map now, but the start was not the best one. It is because she worked at Octopus Japanese Restaurant at the beginning.

At the age of 19, she thought acting would be her go-to, and she started to make things happen slow and steady. The Internet played an essential role in her success.

Her journey started on Instagram in 2013 when she made the first upload. 

Aliya Janell career
Aliya Janell with her dancing crew

As a result, she has featured in various music videos that add to her fame. She was part of Nicki Minaj’s music video teaser Chun Li. Other than that, her choreography skills were so excellent that Janell started her dance brand name Queens N Lettos.

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Her dance brand has earned a considerable amount of fame through Youtube. Yes, she also has a Youtube channel where she teaches her fans dancing moves and skills.

Some of the chain’s popular videos are Level Up, Ciara, Aliya Janell Choreography, Queens and Lettos, and many more.

Aliya is so famous that she features in Tshirt and other brands like Crotch Hit Sweats, Phone Grip, posters, and many more.

Aliya is renowned for uploading curvy and seductive images on her Instagram that drags in followers.

Her progress might be steady, but surely it is something she can be wholeheartedly proud of. With time the ultimate goal might be movies, and readers will be made aware of it.

Who Is Aliya Janell Husband?

Aliya is an excellent-looking, yet talented lady, and finding someone to hold her from the same field must not bring a huge surprise.

This might be heartbreaking news, but the diva is engaged to Tallie Brinson.

Tallie is a dancer and finalist for America’s Best Dance Crew to all the readers who are unaware.

Both of them met way back during the field of work and started dating.

Aliya Janell husband
Aliya Janell with fiance Tallie Brinson

Thins went one step better when both of them got engaged. Yes, Brinson proposed Aliya on her tour, and she accepted.

The proposal came in October 2018, and they got engaged.

Surprisingly, it has been two years since their engagement but no big news. Well, Janell states that they are focused more on their career at this point.

Readers might be willing to know any past for Aliya.

Aliya has never been in a relationship before Tallie, and they look happy at where they stand. Looking at the love saga, something big might be just around the corner.

Engagement Ring

Well, it all started in August of 2021. In a YouTube video that was posted in Brinson’s channel, Aliya asked Brinson if she could change her engagement ring. 

The news that this two sweet couples got engaged got circulated in the year 2018. Aliya also used to share the picture of her engagement ring in her Instagram handle.

However, her request to change the ring was not well accepted by some of the fans, as they found it materialistic and ungrateful. 

We do not know about other things, but seeing the video we can ensure our readers that Brinson surely loves his fiancee very much. 

Just more

Like Aliya, Jusbmore is also one of the celebrated choreographers. 

Both of these hot dancers, were seen together in a YouTube video.

They choreographed “Yummy” song which was originally sung by Justin Bieber and choreagraphed by Sienna Lalau. 

The video was released in January, 2020 and untill now the video has over 3.1 million views in YouTube.

Aliya Janell Net Worth: Income and Salary

Aliya might not be the groundbreaking names in dancing at this point, but her net worth speaks a different story. The talented lady sits at a net worth of $2 million.

All of this, the result of her contribution to dancing and the tours held, also helps the net worth. Other than that, the endorsement also helps the diva earn extra bucks.

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When Aliya finds free time from her professional life, she loves to travel around the world with her fiancee and also loves to go shopping.

The information on the net worth, annual income, and assets will be updated soon.


Does Aliya Janell have a Facebook account?

Well, when more than 2 billion people have Facebook accounts, then we might think that Aliya surely has one. However, the truth is that she does not have a Facebook account.

She has revealed that she has enough audience on Instagram and Youtube and moving to FAcebook would only make her life more hectic.

Has Aliya Janell starred in Step Up Revolution?

If you are a choreographer then you would definitely know the value of Step Up Revolution.

Aliya being such a huge choreographer, has never starred in Step Up Revolution. However, her boyfriend Tallie has appeared in Step Up Revolution. 

Why do people love Aliya Janell?

Aliya has gained a lot of love from her fans. People love her charming, energetic, and inspiring attitude.

Her work was even admired by big names like Niki Minaj, Chris Brown, and many more.

Internet Fame

Youtube has provided Janell with the platform to showcase her talent, and Instagram added icing to the cake. Readers can be part of it too.

Instagram2.4m followers

Youtube2.23m subscribers

Twitter11.8k followers


What kind of dance does Aliya Janell perform?

Stiletto Dancing Choreographer Aliya Janell performs.

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