Alison Hammond Boyfriend

Fans are curious as there are rumors about Alison Hammond boyfriend and her breaking up. Is it true? Learn more about them by reading this article.

On February 5, 1975, Alison Hammond was born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents. Hammond is an Actress and television personality from England.

She gained fame with her charm and ease in front of the camera, but she is most recognized for her vibrant personality.

The future TV star, who had previously worked as a child Actress, began her career in Tunisia as a travel representative and performer.

Today, Alison is best known for co-hosting This Morning with Dermot O’Leary on Fridays.

She recently secured a position as co-host of The Great British Bake Off.

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Alison Hammond Boyfriend 2023: Is She Still Dating Ben Hawkins Gardener?

Alison Hammond declared herself as single, so she may not be dating Ben Hawkins anymore.

Alison Hammond and Ben Hawkins have reportedly been dating for about two years, with engagement rumors swirling as recently as earlier this year.

Although the Actress was seen referring to herself as “single” during the new ITV show The Romantic Retreat on This Morning, the romance may have ended.

Alison Hammond Boyfriend
Alison Hammond Boyfriend Ben Hawkins (Source:

On Friday, Dermont O’Leary and Alison were discussing the news of the day when they got into the topic of McCall’s new dating program for middle-aged single parents. 

Hey, I’m single, she exclaimed.

The two discussed how fantastic the show would be with two other panelists when Alison said, “I’m excited.” And congratulations to Davina for getting it; I like that!

Fans quickly made assumptions about the reason for the breakup even though she withheld any specifics Source. Hammond hasn’t made a formal announcement on the breakup yet.

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How old is Ben Hawkins? Age gap

Ben Hawkins’s age is unknown; thus, we are unsure how much older Alison is than Ben. Age 48 is Alison’s.

Unlike the host of This Morning, he is not a celebrity, nor is his job in television. Exclusive information from The Sun on Alison’s man’s work as a landscape gardener.

Considering Hawkins tends to avoid the spotlight, hardly much is known about him.

He reportedly resides in his parents’ Worcestershire House, where the former Big Brother contestant was seen with him.

Hawkins is a supportive boyfriend who balances Hammond’s life, according to numerous interviews in which she has discussed their relationship.

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Alison Hammond and ben Hawkins relationship timeline

When Alison hired him to care for her Midlands property in 2021, friends told The Sun that the two immediately clicked.

They enjoy hanging together and frequently go out to eat and to the pub, according to a friend. They get along like a House on Fire and are both down to earth.

Alison Hammond Boyfriend
Alison Hammond brouk up with her boyfriend (Source: Tricks.nayag)

Alison finds it endearing that he still lives with his parents since “she makes him laugh.”

Alison has previously made fun of her crush by telling fans she is ready to wed her “mystery man.”

On ITV’s This Morning, she called him “beautiful” and said she had kept him concealed for a year and a half without anyone knowing.

Dermot O’Leary, the show’s co-host, initially made Alison’s romance known in June 2022 by teasing her as a “taken” woman.

Colin Hawkins, 72, revealed the happy couple is getting married shortly after they were seen together for the first time since their affair began a few years ago.

However, as of late, Alison has made it known that she is single and not in a relationship.

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