Alfie Best Jr Religion

Alfie Best Jr Religion is a topic of interest to some of his fans. They want to know if he is a Muslim or not.

Alfie Jr., the millionaire businessman’s son, has dabbled in reality television and boxing.

Fans are interested to know about his religion and his parents. We know he belongs to a millionaire family, but what is their source of income?

Alfie Best Jr Religion: He Is A Muslim

Yes, Alfie Best Jr is a Muslim. It seems like he follows his religion with all his hearts and follows all the rituals of Islam.

Islam is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion centered on the Quran and the teachings of Muhammad. Muslims, also known as Muslim adherents, number approximately 1.9 billion people worldwide, placing them second only to Christians in terms of the religious population.

Alfie Best Jr Religion
Alfie Best Jr is a Muslim. (source: Irish mirror)

In an interview, he mentioned that one thing in Islam that the people are misinformed about is terrorism. He thinks that society attaches the words terrorists and Muslims.

He also references the Quran, which it says, “Depriving One of Life is Prohibited. Should anyone kill a believer intentionally, his requital shall be hell, to remain in it”

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Alfie Best Jr Parents 

Alfie Best Jr was born in Redbridge, London, on May 22, 1997. His Father is the owner of Wyldecrest Parks, Europe’s most prominent residential park. 

His Father was born in a caravan on the side of a road in Leicester to a poor Romanichal Gypsy family. He dropped out of school when he was 12, and when he was 14, he started his first business, buying and selling cars and vans.

With his Father, Best appeared in My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune and Rich Kids Go Shopping.

Alfie Best Jr Religion
Alfie Best Jr with his dad, Alfie Best. (Source:The times)

The Romany Gypsy is following in his Father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. This shows that he loves his Father more than anything.

However, His Father was nearly killed by his son-in-law in a machete attack outside an Italian restaurant in Virginia Water, Essex, in April 2016.

Matthew Newland, 25, was sentenced to 13 months in prison in October of that year for carrying out the “melee,” which left Alfie Snr with a fractured skull and deep cuts.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Alfie Best Jr’s mother. 

Alfie Best Jr net worth

Alfie Best Jr.’s net worth is unknown, but his Father is thought to be worth £341 million. The Romany Gypsy millionaire has stated his desire to be the country’s first Gypsy billionaire.

His fortune is now valued at £1.2 billion, and he lives in a £6 million mansion in Surrey. The Empire’s heir, Alfie Jr., makes money through his businesses, boxing, and television appearances.

His first business venture was selling sweets in school, followed by door-to-door sales of office supplies. As a teen, he began hosting travelers’ parties before opening his own nightclub.

Alfie didn’t stop there; at 17, he sold his nightclub to buy a park, making him the country’s youngest park owner. When not managing parks, Alfie is a super-featherweight boxer. 

In addition to appearing on TV shows with his Father, Alfie has his reality show. Ascot first aired on ITVBe in September 2018 and is now on ITV Hub.

It debuted right after Towie and was supposed to compete with Made in Chelsea and the Essex show.

Except Amber, none of the cast members lived in Ascot. The show, however, was not as successful as anticipated and has not been seen since the second season.

Even though it has not been officially canceled, Absolutely Ascot has not been renewed for a second season.

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