Drag Artist Alexis Stone Most Controversial MakeUp

Drag makeup artist Alexis Stone never does what you expect. The U.K.-based influencer and blogger, whose name is Elliot Joseph Rentz, become famous for using makeup to transform into celebrities and characters like Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Jeffree Star, Kim Kardashian, and even a social experiment of “botched” plastic surgery.

For his latest tutorial, Stone binge into transforming himself as Kylie Jenner‘s daughter, Stormi Webster. Let’s see what he does.

Makeup Star Alexis Stone Transforms Into Kylie Jenner’s Baby, Most Controversial Transformation Ever

Alexis Stone, 25, took to Instagram on April 14 to announce his new tutorial. Well, it is the most controversial makeup transformation ever indeed!

Alexis Stone Makeup Transformation
Alexis Stone Transforms Into Kylie Jenner’s Baby Stormi Webster

“Transformation Now ONLINE‼️ Transformed myself into @kyliejenner baby,” he wrote next to a photo of the finished look, which does, in fact, closely resemble the child.

In fact, the seven-minute-long YouTube video shows Stone using a multitude of products as well as a wig cap to hide his hair to create the look.

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When you dig further in the video, the creepier it gets as he paints on Stormi’s nose, completely changes his eyes’ shape, and draws on new lips above his own all with makeup.

Meanwhile, Alexis fans got impressed with his disturbing transformation into Kylie Jenner’s baby look alike. Check out the comments in the video.

As hilarious as perfect it is, the video has gained a lot of attention within just a matter of days. Now, the popularity chart of the makeup artist who’d faked plastic surgery’s popularity seems to increase massively.

Alexis Stone Fakes His Plastic Surgery For Months

Drag artist Alexis Stone faked his plastic surgery transformation to promote a conversation about the cyber-bullying that he received online.

Alexis Stone transformation.
Drag artist Alexis Stone fakes his plastic surgery.

Firstly, The long-term project came to reality after the makeup artist Elliot Rentz chose to bring down his thoughts into existence.

Subsequently, British-born Elliot, originally from Manchester, teamed up with Oscar-winning SFX makeup artist David Marti. They both created a mask that would trick followers into believing he got extensive plastic surgery.

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Also, the duo collaborated on the project over the summer to create multiple masks that Elliot would be able to wear in public so no followers would know the plastic surgery transformation didn’t happen.

Alexis Stone: Quick Facts

Drag artist Alexis Stone
Drag artist Alexis Stone Source: Stellar Magazine

  • Elliot Rentz was born on October 7, 1993, in Brighton, England.
  • Rentz’s birth sign is Libra.
  • He did Rose McGowan‘s makeup for her music video for the song “RM486.”
  • Alexis has an identical twin brother.
  • Stone moved to London from his hometown of Brighton, England, at age 16.
  • Alexis Stone’s net worth is still under review.

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