Alexandra Siang : Net Worth, TikTok, Cancer & Parents

If you are a regular user of social media, then unquestionably, you would have come through the name Alexandra Siang; well, the teen has made a great buzz on the internet platforms with the beauty and elegance that she holds in her.

The girl is just 14 years and has accumulated popularity higher than most people in social media. The girl with a different height surely has overhauled the heights of fame. Stay seated up till the end to know more.

Alexendra siang
Alexandra Siang

But before directly entering into the bio, let’s know some quick facts!

Alexandra Siang: Quick Facts

Full Name Alexandra Siang
Date of birth 2005
Birth Place Davao City, Philippines
Nationality Philippines
Nickname Happy Lexie
Height 4’6″
Age 15
Education Davao City National high school
Net worth Under review
Online Presence Facebook, Instagram

Alexandra Siang Age

The cute little kid was born in 2005, which makes her 14 years old. The popular kid stands at 4’6″. Surprisingly the height differs from the pitch of voice owned by the teen. But sadly there is no information available about the weight. Not only the weight but vital body statistics is also unknown. If something pops out, we will keep readers updated about it.

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With a huge interest in modeling from an early age, we feel the completion of education will lead Siang to that. To complete the physical outlook, light brown hair, along with the dark brown hair, plays the lead role.


Alexandra Torregosa Siang, AKA Alexandra Siang, was born in 2005. The teen is also known as Happy Lexie and was born in Davao City, Philippines.

Alexendra education
Alexandra Siang during the swimming session

Her parents’ name is not disclosed, and neither are the sibling’s names known to the general public. The cute kid belongs to the Philippines nationality and Asian ethnicity.

Early Life and Education

Alexandra lives in the Philippines with her family. The girl did have a tough time when people knew that she is 14 years old, and the height doesn’t match the fact.

Alexendra siang boyfriend
Alxendra Siang with her friend

People used to tease her for being so short for her age, but later all this was shut down. Most of her basic needs were fulfilled with ease, although there was negativity around the people in her life. Siang attends the Davao city national high school in the Philippines. Currently, she is studying in class 10.


The wonder kid of the internet is currently studying in class 10. There is not much of a job to talk about. There is a whole lot of the age that remains to make a career out of her life.

In a current interview with KJMS, the energetic kid showed her great interest in being a model. There was also a sense of despair that the height being so short will not allow her to fulfill the dream. But with dedication in time, Alexandra will surely be a well-known model.

Net Worth| How Much Does Alexandra Siang Earn?

Siang is 14 years old and is highly dependent on her family. She is currently studying in class 10. The end of schooling will surely see the step forward towards modeling. Sadly no information about the net worth is known to the primary media.

The popularity of the internet sensation is increasing day by day, which surely makes it possible to gain many offers to act in videos and advertisements.

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This will act as an agent to accumulate a handsome net worth in the future.

Alexandra Suffers From Stage 2 Cancer

Well, most of the people on the internet are making fun of the cleavage that is being shown by the little girl. Siang had to face lots of negative comments for being so open on the internet. But most people may not know that the kid is going through a health condition.

Siang is suffering from stage 2 Langerhans cell Histiocytosis(LCH) cancer. It is a disorder where excess immune system cells called Langerhans cells build up in the body.

It is a terrifying type of condition that tends to affect the growth of humans in most cases. The lack of growth of the body is a result of the permanent consequences of LCH.

Siang suffered from this condition from the early age of 1, and it profoundly affected the pituitary or hypothalamic area. The area that got affected is called the factory of the hormone.

The identification of the condition needed a lot of bone age x-ray resulting in finding the level of thyroid and growth hormones. The test that took place surely will affect the kid in health from an early age.

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Other examinations were done to know if it could be cured. The diabetes insipidus treatment was done to relieve the symptoms, but the age factor and other things also didn’t help to cure the condition.

Social Media Presence

One of the most prominent of the kid being so famous is the social media name and fame. Siang’s friend posted her picture that got viral. In the end, Siang also got active in social media and today has a great fan following all around.

Instagram137k followers

Facebook– 37k followers

Youtube– 49.5k followers

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