Al Capone

Al Capone, AKA Scarface was one of the most famous American gangsters who became infamous during the Prohibition era as the head of the Chicago Outfit.

Before he was sent to Alcatraz Prison in 1934 for a conviction of tax evasion, he amassed a personal wealth estimated at $100 million as the head of the infamous crime union.

Here, in this article, we have collected all the information about Al Capone!

Al Capone death
Al Capone

But before directly entering into the main topic, some quick facts surely help readers!

Al Capone: Quick Facts

Birth Name:
Alphonse Gabriel Capone
Birth Date: January 17, 1899
Birth Place: New York City, U.S.
Died At the Age: 48 Years Old
Death Place: Palm Island, Florida, U.S.
Died: January 25, 1947
Resting place: Mount Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, Illinois, U.S.
Other names: Scarface, Big Al, Big Boy, Public Enemy No. 1
Occupation: Gangster, bootlegger, boss of Chicago Outfit, racketeer
Known for: Boss of the Chicago Outfit, and the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre
Spouse: Mae Coughlin (m. 1918)
Children: 1
Criminal Charge: Tax evasion
Penalty: 11-year sentence in Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary and Alcatraz

Al Capone: Early Life And Education

Alphonse Capone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York. Likewise, his parents were Gabriele Capone and Teresa Capone, immigrants from Italy.

Gabriele and Teresa had nine kids: Alphonse “Al” Capone; Vincenzo Capone. Subsequently, he altered his title to Richard Hart.

Raffaele James Capone AKA Ralph “Bottles” Capone, who handed over the drink sector of his brother; Salvatore “Frank” Capone, Ermina Capone, who killed at one’s era; Ermino “John” Capone, Albert Capone, Matthew Capone, and Mafalda Capone, who divorced John J. Maritote.

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In his criminal kingdom, Ralph and Frank collaborated with him. Frank did so until he died on 1 April 1924. Ralph operated the bottling companies (legal and illegal) soon and became the front guy for the Chicago Outfit until he bore a sentence in 1932 for tax evasion.

After relocating to nearby Fiume in Austria-Hungary in 1893, the Capone household migrated to the United States. They moved from that port town on a boat to the U.S., settling at 95 Navy Street, downtown Brooklyn’s Navy Yard area.

At a nearby barbershop on 29 Park Avenue, Gabriele Capone lived. At the age of 11, his family relocated to Park Slope, Brooklyn, 38 Garfield Place.

Capone demonstrated commitment as a pupil, but he had difficulty with the regulations in his strictly local Catholic school. His educational career ended at 14 after he allegedly punched his lady teacher in his face.

He lived in strange employment around Brooklyn, including a bowling alley and a candy store. Meanwhile, Capone’s life is affected by gangster Johnny Torrio, whom he saw as a mentor.


Initially, Capone engaged in small-time groups, including the Junior Forty Thieves and the Bowery Boys. He then entered the Brooklyn Rippers and the high Lower Manhattan-based Five Points Gang.

During this moment, Frankie Yale, a bartender in a Coney Island dance hall and saloon called the Harvard Inn, hired and mentored him.

Capone accidentally attacked a lady at a night club in Brooklyn while running the gate, and her friend Frank Gallucio hit her. The injuries resulted in Capone’s surname, “Scarface.”

He concealed the broken bottom part of his neck when he was pictured, stating the wounds were War Wounds. For instance, his nearest mates called him “Snorky,” a word for a durable dresser.

Marriage And Family

Firstly, on December 30th, 1918, Capone married Mae Josephine Coughlin at the age of 19. Josephine was an Irish Catholic and earlier in the month gave birth to her son Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone (1918–2004), who lost most of his hearing as a child in his left ear.

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Capone was less than 21 years of age, and his parents had to consent to the marriage in writing. Meanwhile, In all reports, amid his gang existence, the couple had a happy marriage.


Capone left New York for Chicago at approximately 20 years of age at the invitation of Johnny Torrio, who was imported as an enforcer by criminal boss James “Big Jim” Colosimo.

Capone started as a bouncer in a nightclub in Chicago, where he contracted syphilis. Salvarsan’s timely use might have healed the disease, but he never requested therapy.

He bought a small house for $5,500 in 1923 at 7244 South Prairie Avenue in the neighborhood of Park Manor on the south side of the city. His title started to appear in newspaper athletics magazines in the mid-year century, where he was characterized as a boxing promoter.

Following the killing of Colosimo on May 11, 1920, in which Capone was accused of being engaged, Torrio handed over the crime empire of Colosimo.

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Torrio led the largest structured gang in the town, mainly Italian, with Capone as his right-hand person. He was cautious about being pulled into gang conflicts. So they attempted to reach territorial contracts among competing criminal organizations.

The smaller North Side Gang headed by Dean O’Banion, AKA Dion O’Banion, was of mixed ethnicity. Moreover, it went under stress from the siblings of Genna, who linked to Torrio.

O’Banion discovered that Torrio was unhelpful in invading the Gennas into the North Side amid his pretensions to be a dispute farmer. In a fateful move, at his flower shop in October 1924, Torrio either planned for or agreed to the murder of O’Banion.

Most importantly, this placed Hymie Weiss with Vincent Drucci and Bugs Moran at the gang’s top. Weiss was O’Banion’s close friend, and the North Siders made revenge on his killers a priority.

In Monteagle, Tennessee, Al Capone was a frequent guest to RyeMabee “when he traveled between Chicago and his Miami property in Florida.”

Chicago Aftermath

The primary impact of Capone’s decision was that he stopped being a boss on his fate instantly, but those engaged in Capone’s detention depicted it as significantly undermining the organized crime syndicate of the city.

Far from being slammed, the Chicago Outfit continued at a lower level and without the open violence that had marked Capone’s rule, without being disturbed by the Chicago police.

Al Capone Mugshot
Al Capone Mugshot

Organized crime in the town had a reduced image once Prohibition was abolished, to the point that there is an absence of agreement among authors about who was indeed in command and who was a figurehead “front man.”

Prostitution, the racketeering of labor unions and gambling became money-makers for organized crime in the city without serious investigation.

In the early 1950s, FBI officials found an organization headed by old lieutenants of Capone. Because the ruling exclusively over the underworld of Chicago.

Failing Health And Death

After Capone came out from prison, he linked for paresis therapy (by late-stage syphilis) to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Hopkins denied to accept him based on his notoriety alone, but Union Memorial Hospital received him. Therefore, Capone was thankful for the sympathetic treatment he got. So, in 1939 gave Union Memorial Hospital two Japanese crying cherry trees.

On March 20, 1940, after a few weeks of hospitalization and a few weeks of the ambulance, a very sick Capone left Baltimore for Palm Island, Florida.

After his doctor and a psychologist from Baltimore conducted examinations in 1946, he found that Capone had a 12-year-old child’s mentality.

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Capone lived the last years of his life with his spouse and kids at his mansion in Palm Island, Florida. Probably, Capone was having a stroke on January 21, 1947.

Also, he recovered consciousness and began to enhance, but bronchopneumonia was incurred. On 22 January, he endured a cardiac arrest, and on 25 January, encircled by his relatives at the house, Capone killed as a consequence of apoplexy.

Al Capone Death
Al Capone Death

Above all, his body was interred at Chicago’s Mount Olivet Cemetery. In 1950, Capone’s bodies were transferred to Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois, along with those of his dad and sibling Salvatore.

Al Capone Net Worth

By 1929, the personal value of Al Capone was about $100 million, about $1.3 billion with inflation today.

It is reported that Capone, who allegedly hired more than 600 gangsters, gained around $60 million from illegal alcohol, $25 million from gambling, $10 million from vice, and another $10 million from rackets.

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