Abby Wambach Parents and siblings

Abby Wambach Parents became famous as the 2015’s Time 100 list named their daughter one of the world’s most influential people.  Despite being arrested for DUI in 2016, the low point in her life was a significant turning event toward her recovery journey.

Former female soccer player Abby Wambach was a legend in the game. The best woman footballer has an impressive 184 goals in her international stat and became the all-time highest goal scorer in the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Wambach played in a forward position and was versatile during her scoring years. The American football player scored 75 goals in 119 appearances during her senior career.

Abby has a great contribution to American soccer as she won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2012 and became the first American to win the title. 

In 2012, she received an Olympic gold medal. Moreover, she won a medal in 2004. After her official retirement as a soccer player, Abby began her career as a manager.

The former best American woman football player has achieved a lot in the game, inspiring several young girls to gain confidence. However, Abby’s life was stuck in the controversy in 2016 that threatened to diminish her reputation.

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Meet Abby Wambach Parents Pete Wambach And Judy Wambach

Retired American professional soccer player Abby Wambach was born to Pete and Judy Wambach in Rochester, New York.

Abby Wambach Parents
Abby Wambach si close to her mother Judy Wambach. (Source: USA Today)

Later, Abby’s parents moved to the Rochester neighborhood of Pittsford, where she grew up with her seven siblings (two sisters and four brothers). She is the youngest kid in her family, so growing up, she received much attention from her parents. 

Wambach’s parents supported her sports career, and young Abby began playing soccer at four. Initially, her elder sister desired the game, so she also joined the sport.

Abby’s mother, Judy Wambach, lent a book on how to play the game from the library. So, from that time, soccer became a family ritual in her family. The former female football star said:

Growing up in a large family humbles you. Remember, having a particular ability or talent is always helpful, when there is someone in your family who supports you every time.

Wambach achieved success at just five years old as she was shifted from the girls’ team to the boys’ squad in her first kid soccer league. Young Abby scored 27 goals in only three games. Her parents were proud of their five-year-old kid’s performance. 

As a teen, Abby avoided defenders by impressing skill, racing ability, and heading the ball over the defense layer.

Unfortunately, she struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in her adult days following her arrest.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion publicly apologized via social media. In her statement, the star took full responsibility for her actions. She felt sorry for her parents and fans, who followed her for a better example.

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Abby Wambach Family, Siblings, And Ethnicity

Football star Abby Wambach is the youngest of seven siblings. She has four brothers and two elder sisters.

Abby Wambach family and siblings
Abby Wambach revealed about her siblings in an interview. (Source: ABC news)

Abby’s elder sister inspired her to join soccer at four. In her interview with ESPN, she revealed her family ritual:

I strongly believe that I am lucky to have my family and siblings. They told me what to do and made me what I am today. Being the youngest of seven siblings is like being in a soccer team and I learnt all sorts of skills.

My sisters always played on the same field, and they never were easy on the game with me being a junior. They refused to let me win until I was better and deserving.

Football star Abby recalled her elder brothers toughened her as they thought her to shoot hockey pucks for target practice. 

She revealed her difficult times in a press statement, saying, “It is tough to speak about matters when ashamed. But I’m over it, and my family  supported me, and now I don’t think of that anymore, and I’m proud of where I’m at now.”

Wambach’s personal experience teaches the importance of seeking help for youngsters and sharing issues with close ones before they are out of control. 

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