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People tend to get famous for many good reasons, but there are unfortunate cases, too, when the popularity comes negatively. Aaren Simpson is one of those kids who rose to fame for a lousy reason. Aaren Simpson’s death cause is something that shook the world and sent in grief.

This child was the kid of a famous American footballer who has done pretty well in the fields. It was a tragic moment for the footballer to lose a kid so early. Here we will let you know in detail about this kid who got fame for some unkind reason.

Aaren simpson death cause
Aaren Simpson and her brother

But first, some quick facts tend to help the digging in

Aaren Simpson: Quick Facts

Full Name Aaren Simpson
Date of Birth 1977/09 /24
Nickname Aaren
Death 1979/08/26
Birthplace  USA
Ethnicity African-American
Cause of Death Respiratory Failure
Father O.J. Simpson
Nationality American
Eye color Black

Aaren Simpson Death Cause

Simpson is one of those kids who rose to fame for many reasons. Aaren Simpson’s death cause is something that moved the world. The kid left the world in a catastrophic event where she died by drowning in the pool at her home.

This event took place on 18th August 1979 and was made into a coma immediately. Lastly, the results were not pleasant, and well the death was confirmed on 26th August 1979. To add insult to the injury, both the parents had divorced in the same year, and it was a pretty challenging time for them.

After the untimely Aaren Simpson death, the funeral took place in a very private place where the body was sent to heaven for good. This thoughtful event took place in Holy Cross Cemetry in LA. Only the close family and friends were invited to this hard time.


Aaren Simpson was born on September 24, 1977, in the USA. The name of her parents is O.J Simpson and Marguerite L Whitley. Aaren’s father is a well-known footballer and the mother being the house. She had a pretty decent relationship with her family members. Beyond the parents, she had siblings, namely Jason L. Simpson, Arnelle L Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson, and Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Aaren belongs to the black ethnicity and also holds American nationality. The zodiac sign fell under Libra.

Age and Body Measurements

Aaren was born in 1977, and her demise in 1979 led her to be two years old. Had she lived this long, she would have been 42 years old. As she is not available in the world, so any measurements on her body are it the height, weight, and vital body statistics might be unjust to her soul.

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As of matter of fact, earlier to her death, the smiling child had pretty black eyes, and the hair was also of the same color. We hope she is happy wherever she is at this point.

Early Life and Education

Aaren was born in the USA and spent most of her childhood there with her family and siblings. Her parents were pretty supportive of her from a very early age, and this shows the pampering she had received during her earliest days.

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The educational background through the untimely leave from the mother earth at a tender age of 2 shows the fact that there was hardly any institution Aaren was part of in her time.

Aaren Simpson Parents

One of the highly talked and famous parents undoubtedly belonged to Aaren Simpson. This kid was garnered by her father, O.J Simpson, and Marguerite Whitely. O.J is a renowned name as a renowned NFL player and also an actor.

At times though, his actions led to negativity when he was accused and proven of being a robber kidnapper and arms misuse cases. Aaren was blessed with a caring family, but things changed after the death of this kid, and O.J became rogue who was charged for the murder of his second wife Nicole Brown but not found guilty.

Aaren Simpson parents
Aaren Simpson with her family

Law never leaves a criminal. Hence later, this NFL star was charged with robbery and kidnapping, result in prison for 33 years. His parole release came in the year 2007.

On the other hand, the mother, Whitley, was just a housewife and loved to live away from the limelight. The divorce with O.J brought devastation in her life too.

Net Worth

Aaren was a kid when she died, so there is absolutely nothing to show about her net worth. Had she lived the incident, Simpson would be a healthy woman in her forties and also earning a pretty decent amount.

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Not only that but her father O.J. Simpson’s net worth is also not available. It is because, beyond his charm and class, the prison time and also the murder accusation have hampered his image and net worth big times.

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