90 Day Fiance, Tania and Syngin

90 Day Fiance Spoiler showed the emotional state of Syngin Colchester, and a sneak peek at what Tania Maduro is doing in Costa Rica. Tania went to study medicines and healing, but is that what she is doing? Here’s what we know.

Life is a bit like a roller-coaster for Syngin. As soon as he came, Tania left for Costa Rica. With no friends and loved ones to spend time with, the 90-day star feels somewhat abandoned.

90 Day Fiance | Tania Is Taking Classes

The most talked-about moment on the show was Tania’s unexpected trip to Costa Rica. Many rumors surfaced, linking Tania’s involvement in flirtations and potentially cheating on Syngin. Tania clarified by saying that she was taking a month-long class on herbalism.

90 Day Fiance, Tani and Syngin
                               90 Day Fiance: Syngin feels abandoned

On the other hand, fans took the digging up on their hands to corroborate whether Tania was, in fact, speaking the truth or not. A class concerning the study of indigenous plants and their herbal usage exists.

Tania in the All-Clear

Mostly, the learner acquaints themselves with mushrooms, permaculture, and many healing plants. However, there was a twist in the story. In a recent Facebook post, Tania asked her friends to fund her “study trip.”

90 Day Fiance, Tania
                         Tania Maduro is in Costa Rica studying herbs.

Nonetheless, a fan came forth to confirm the fact that Tania was a student there. It is because the fan themself attended the same class and spotted her.

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The school is Wild Ginger Herbal Center, located off the Talamanca Coast, which provides knowledge on folk herbal medicine and immersive experience with the herbalists. The classes take place every five days a week, and students learn about first aid, astrology, herbalism, and tropical flowers.

90 Day Fiance | Surprise for Syngin

During the weekends, classes are off, and the students can do as they please. It was precisely when the camera captured Tania engaged in a flirtatious mood.

Furthermore, students have to submit a final project. Tania made one, specially dedicated to Syngin. A Marigold Essence, Salve, Digestive bitters, and Lip balms ought to cheer Syngin when Tania comes back.

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It seems like Tania is doing something productive after all. Maybe the flirtation was just a healthy conversation and nothing more. More on this topic only on 90 Day Fiance, airs on TLC on Sundays at 8 p.m. EST

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