90 Day Fiance Spoilers

In the spoilers for the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiance, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi receive a huge blow as Michael’s visa gets denied. They look heartbroken. As of yet, Angel and Michael still appear to be together.

Despite their togetherness, it no denies that the news has certainly put the couple on edge. Angela’s excitement knew no limits when Michael gave her a call. But, when he broke the news, Angela instantly got turned off.

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90 Day Fiance | Rocky Relationship

Micahel gives a faceTime call from Nigeria and gets teary-eyed as he shares the news. Angela claims that she did everything right and blames the government between her and Michael’s relationship. Although she is not happy, Angela remains hopeful.

90 Day Fiance, Michael and Angela
                                      Michael and Angela have hit the iceberg.

Angela goes on to claim that she traveled to Nigeria twice already and doesn’t understand what more do the officials want as proof of their relationship. Further, back in Lagos, Michael’s mood is not getting any cheerful as his friends think Angela is a trashy woman.

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Michael’s Love Is Real

You remember how Michael’s friends and Angela didn’t get along, right? Well, things didn’t get any smoother when one of them said upfront that Angela was trashy. For instance, we know that Michael is extremely protective of his fiancee. Out of rage, he slaps the drink of Ade’s hand.

Soon, Michael calms down. He even goes as further as to say that what he and Angela hold is real. It does seem his friends have concerns for him. Despite Michael professing his love for Angela, his life won’t be any easier in Georgia. A long-distance relationship is very fragile. Moreover, Michael’s friends added that Angela’s age wouldn’t help him with having a baby as this idea is hypothetical, considering her age.

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Micahel loves Angela. Angela is hopeful. Will this love prevail? Will they find out a way to stay together? Or are they willing to wait until the visa gets approved again? All details will unravel in 90 Day Fiance, Sundays at 8 p.m. EST.

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