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It’s that time of the year when Joaquin Phoenix Joker is about to hit the theatres and also come up with the expectations. The bookings have been all full and well; the actor-director duo of Todd and Joaquin is something that might deliver the goods. But before visiting the theatres, here are ten things to know before watching  Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Readers here are in for a treat to know what are the things or the aspects that are to be careful of before hitting the theatre with the Joker mask on. Well, let’s begin the progression.

No Batman This Time

For every super villain, there is undoubtedly a superhero who comes to an end of the reign. In the earlier Dark Knight movie, too, there was Bruce Wayne, AKA Christian Bale, who halted The Joker, AKA Heath Ledger. But the writers of the film have made it clear that there will be no Batman this time, and all we will see is the rise of evil.

One-Shot By Joaquin

All the movie lovers will surely know the fact that Joaquin is one of those actors who don’t repeat roles. In a press interview, Her actor made it clear that this Joker will be the last portrayal of the character, and he won’t be ever be doing this again.

Standout From the Rest

One of the most ironic facts about the movie related to Joker is the comparison of how well did the earlier one does in all other comparisons. But this Joker is different as a matter of no inclusion of superhero and all there is the evil and the reign of Arthur Fleck, which suggests it will have its label.

Phoenix is upset with Thomas Wayne’s appearance.

This might come as a surprise to lots of people, but the Phoenix particular was not happy when the script came as Thomas Wayne will be part of the movie.

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The Gladiator actor believes the inclusion of Thomas Wayne, who is the father of Bruce Wayne, may bring the assumption that it is related to other Joker movies but well, in reality, it is not.

Weight Loss by Phoenix

All of the released trailers show the fact that Joaquin Phoenix has done a great job to portray the iconic role. Other than the hard work and the grit, weight is one factor Phoenix has put effort into. To be precise, the weight loss of the actor is 52 pounds.

Earlier, Joaquin was not in the consent of losing the weight for the role. But in the end, the man bows down in front of Todd Phillips and also did remarkably.

Martin Scorsese Effect

Well, our readers are surely well into the name Martin Scorsese and the charm the director has for Hollywood. He is one of the pivotal parts of the movie.

Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips moreover adds the fact that some of the shots of the movie are inspired by Taxi Driver and The King of The Comedy. Due to the busy schedule of the man himself, some of the flashes of his direction is visible in the movie.

No sequel for the time being

Viewers might be an intense craving for the sequel of the movie after watching it in theatres on October 4. Joker as the build-up around shows the fact that it will be one of the Oscar winners.

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In an interview where Phoenix was also well excited to know, Todd explained the fact that there will be no sequel to the movie at this point. Phillips is all set to make a label rather than making a sequel for the time being.

Already Into Controversy

Joker is one of those big star movies that will surely hit the controversy, no doubt. But surprisingly, the film has done pretty good in creating buzz and also discussion before the start.

Some of the movie pundits are suggesting the fact that the negativism and criminal psychological activities might wake the people of the society that are evil and also provide them with the grounds to react accordingly, which might become a problem with time.

Its R-rated movie

The readers of this article might not be aware of the matter of fact that Joker is an R- rated video. For the preliminary information, the R- rated movies are those that tend to show a considerable amount of violence.

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The R stands for right and well; the audience would undoubtedly be baffled by the amount of violence and also the dark scenes that will bind them with negativity slightly at times.

The Golden Lion Award Winner

The top 10 things you need to know before watching Joker inevitably ends up with the best point of the list. Earlier, the movie was in premiere at the Venice Film festival, and to no surprise, this movie won the Golden Lion Award.

Not only that, but the movie also received an 8-minute standing ovation that the crowd lauded with cheers and smiles too. The audience all around the globe is undoubtedly stuck to their calendars to see when does the magic unfolds.

10 Things To Know Before Watching Joker at Theatres
Joker wins Golden Lion at Venice Film.

That is all for the Top 10 things to know before watching  Joker. We feel that the movie will be one of its kind, and the viewers will take enjoyment more than comparing it with any other Jokers.

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