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How excited do you get if you think about the paranormal activities? Does it fascinate you or freaks you out? Well, some individuals get fascinated by paranormal events. Heather Taddy is one of them. Today we are talking about her in detail.

This American TV actress rose to fame from the same genre named Paranormal State and did well in the acting circuit. At this point, she is a decent name in the industry, and there is more to her. So stick around till the very end to know a lot in detail.

Heather Taddy net worth
Heather Taddy

But first, some quick facts does justice to the digging in without a doubt

Heather Taddy: Quick Facts

Full Name Heather Taddy
Date of Birth 1985/11 /16
Nickname Heather
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 35
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Height 5’4″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Build Slim
Net Worth $1.5 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter


Heather Taddy was born on 16th November 1985 in the beautiful city of Pennsylvania. The name of her parents is not known to the general media. It is, at times, susceptible to her secrecy. Not only the parents’ names but nothing on the siblings are also available to the primary media.

She holds the American nationality along with the white ethnicity. Her zodiac sign falls under Scorpio, which suggests the fact that she is sensitive and also adaptable to the situation with ease.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Heather Taddy?

Taddy is 35 years old as of now. The height of 5’4 supports the cute smile. It looks like the lady is doing workouts regularly that tends to make her look fit and slim. Sadly nothing on the weight is available for anyone to know. What adds the woes further is the fact that vital body statistics also remains under the radar.

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Heather is highly blessed with fair complexion skin, and her hardwork and skills do justice to her image at this point. To complete the physical outlook, brown hair, along with the eyes of the same color, plays the lead role. Anything on the shoe and dress size will be updated to the readers soon.

Early Life and Education

Being born on the outskirts of Pennsylvania, Taddy was exposed to lots of challenges in her early life. She was quite different compared to most of the kids because she loved unusual things more. Although there is no information on her parent’s sources claim, she had a pretty decent childhood with most of the needs being fulfilled with ease. Looking at the career she beholds now, and we feel there was freedom in the family.

In the case of educational background, though, Taddy attended Pennsylvania State University. At that particular institute, the diva read film theory, media studies, and also French. Interestingly details on the primary and higher levels of education are missing from the circuit. During her time at Pennsylvania University, she took part in plays and drama.


There have been massive twists and turns in the life of Heather Taddy. It is because she started her career as a musician. You heard us right. This good looking lady was the bassist for Heavy Radio during the time of her college.

Most of her closed one state the fact that Paranormal State changed her life. After being part of this project, the interest shifted from music to acting, and there were good days ahead.

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Adding to all her acting achievements, surely Rawhead, The Origin of Species, Glowworms does excellent justice. What’s more refreshing is the fact that Heather has been with music to this point. Her band released an album Vapid Age and has done well in the market.

Heather Taddy career
Heather Taddy in Paranormal State

Regular works, along with continuous music, suggest the fact that there is more to come, and readers will be updated about it.

Heather Taddy Alien Highway

The name surely suggests the topic we are about to discuss. With a keen interest in paranormal activities, Alien highway is a popular isometric 3D arcade adventure game released for Sinclair spectrum. This game came out in the year 1986.

Most of the readers might not know, but surely this is the sequel of Highway Encounter. This particular project tends to research UFO, and her brother also helps in this work.

Other than the two cast members, Chuck Zukowski, Daniel Zukowski is also seen in it. We feel some positivity is coming out of it, so it’s been more than three decades since the show runs for the fans.


If you are part of the entertainment world, then surely rumors are bound to surround you. Similar is the case of Heather Taddy. She was once rumored to be married to Ryan Buell.

To the readers who are unaware, Ryan is an American TV executive. This news took center stage for an extended period of time, but it was termed as a hoax with no confirmation from the two. Besides, there is no associated rumor for the talented actress cum musician.


If you are good looking and famous, then people tend to be curious to know about the love life side of things. Heather has also always faced this question but has done every bit possible to remain silent on it.

Up until this point in time, Taddy is termed to be single and not dating anyone. Good news for the male fans. When asked, Taddy explains the fact that she wants to focus more on her career.

There have been one or two hoax about her being married. One thing can be said with ease that neither Heather is married nor engaged. Due to a high level of secrecy, we cant concrete any information. With new updates, readers will be updated about it.

Net Worth| How Much Does Heather Taddy Earns?

Heather Taddy is a multi-talented breed of individuals who is proficient in more than one field of work. This helps them to make varied fans along with the right amount of net worth. As of 2020, Taddy sits on a net worth of $1.5 million.

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This overall is from the joint career of music and acting. As new projects are coming up, surely, this is bound to increase. Although there is proper information on the net worth, annual income and assets owned count are far from the prying eyes of the media. Whatever might be the case, she is undoubtedly living a lavish life and focusing on her career.

Social Media Reach

Heather Taddy is a proactive lady who loves to connect with her fans. In this quest, though, all of her beloved fans can follow her personal social media profiles.

Instagram3765 Followers

Twitter9327 followers