Will Young Girlfriend

Will Young Girlfriend is the subject of speculation for netizens even though the singer declared himself gay in 2002.

He rose to prominence after the ITV talent contest Pop Idol. He became one of the best British singer-songwriter and actors.

Young released his single “Anything Is Possible” / “Evergreen” just two weeks after winning the contest. 

Similarly, the singer was able to secure fifth place in World Idol. He performed “Light My Fire,” which was written by the band the Doors.

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Will Young Girlfriend: Who Is British Singer Dating?

Regardless of the reports about Will Young’s relationship status, it can very well be confirmed that the singer does not have a girlfriend at the moment. 

He is a gay man and one of the most vocal activists for LGBTQIA+ freedom. He reviews that he has been gay forever and has never hidden it.

The first Pop Idol champ came out as gay in March 2002, shortly after winning the contest.

In addition, the artist revealed that he was in some gay connections. But they did not last long due to his inner self and notoriety, which was too much for his peers.

It seems that Will is currently single and might be looking for someone who will settle down with him by becoming his perfect partner. 

Will Young Girlfriend
Will Young with singer Emma Lee Bunton (Source: Instagram)

However, he was in a relationship with a man named Aaron at the age of 25. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last.

The singer then started dating through Tinder. Through the app, he met and dated American artist Jesse Kovarsky. 

But the relationship was similarly short-lived, and the couple separated after Jesse moved back to the US. They agreed that a long-distance relationship wasn’t really for them.

After breaking up with Jesse, Will was in another relationship for a while, though, as in the past, his differences were huge for his new partner and the couple.

Then, it was reported that the pop idol champ was involved with producer Chris Sweeney. They were seen together at some events.

In any case, bits of gossip were seen as bogus when it was revealed that Chris was with someone else.

Who is Will Young Parents? Siblings and Family Explored

Will Young was born to Robin Young, his father, and Annabel Young (née Griffith), his mother, on 20 January 1979 in Wokingham, Berkshire.

His father, Robin, is a company director of an engineering firm. Likewise, his mother, Annabel Young (née Griffith), is a plant nursery gardener.

The singer’s paternal ancestry strongly connects with the British government and military services.

His grandfather, Digby Aretas Young, was in the Royal Air Force. Likewise, he belongs to the family trees of Colonel Sir Aretas William Young.

Will Young Girlfriend
Will Young and his Late Brother, Rupert (Source: Instagram)

The singer is the second eldest child of his parents. Born six weeks premature, he was ten minutes older than his twin brother Rupert. He also has an elder sister, Emma.

Unfortunately, Will lost his twin brother, Rupert, in August 2020 at 41.

He presented the story on Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert on Channel 4. The story revolves around the existence of Will and his twin brother.

Rupert was an alcoholic and suffered from depression. He admitted that his twin’s rise to success and fame was a factor influencing his psychological well-being.

In 2005 he was diagnosed with dysthymia, and Will’s relationship with Rupert was strained.

How Much is the Net Worth of Will Young?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Will Young is approximately $3 million. 

Will Young has accumulated million worth of wealth from his successful career as a singer in Britain.

Will Young Girlfriend
Will Young released his Book in April 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Young is the winner of the first season of Pop Idol. It is a British music television competition. His debut album was released in 2002 and secured first place on the charts.

The singer has sold more than eight million albums worldwide. He has also been featured on numerous stages, television, and film.

Moreover, Young received a nomination for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical Cabaret, based in London, in 2013. 

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