Sherman Kwek Wife

Sherman Kwek wife’s absence from the internet has now intrigued the people analyzing his personal life. Why is the lady missing, or isn’t he married?

Eik Tse Sherman Kwek is a Singaporean businessman who has been the CEO of City Developments Limited (CDL) since January 2018.

Before his current role, Kwek was the deputy CEO of CDL. In August 2017, he was appointed the CEO-designate after the resignation of the then-CEO, Grant Kelley.

As the CEO, Kwek oversees the operations and strategic direction of one of Singapore’s leading real estate companies.

Throughout his career, the son of veteran Kwek Leng Beng has demonstrated his working ability by leading CDL to new stages.

But who is the lady of the life of the CDL CEO? Delve into the info about Sherman Kwek wife, kids and family background.

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Who Is Sherman Kwek Wife?

While there is limited information available about Eik Tse’s personal life, it is known that he is a married man and prefers to keep life in the public domain.

Sherman Kwek wife is not as well-known in the public eye as her husband and father-in-law, but she is likely to be a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Information about her career is not readily available, but given her family’s business background, she may be involved in the business world.

Sherman Kwek Wife
Sherman Kwek is the CEO of City Developments Limited and is a Hong Kong Tycoon. (Source: The Business Times)

However, since nothing is available about her, people are vehemently denying her existence and questioning the reason why she is absent everywhere.

Kwek became CEO of CDL in January 2018 after serving as the deputy CEO.

While some believe Sherman is married, some still doubt the relationship status of the Hong Kong business tycoon, even in his late 50s.

So, until proper evidence about Sherman Kwek wife is published, it would be a struggle to conclude his relationship status.

Kids and Family of Tycoon Sherman Kwek

Unfortunately, since no info about Eik Tse’s married life has yet been explored, there is the possibility that details on his kids are available.

The tycoon is already in his mid-40s, and his having a family and kids shouldn’t be much of a problem.

But because of his busy life, Kwek has focused on his career more than anything else.

Further, diving into the family of the Hong Kong billionaire, we discovered that he is the son of Leng Beng, a Singaporean billionaire businessman.

Kwek’s father serves as the executive chairman of Hong Leong Group Singapore.

Sherman Kwek Wife
Sherman Kwek’s generational business has flourished because of his ideas and ideologies. (Source: Blog for Entitree)

The chairman was born in 1941 and is known for his successful leadership and establishment of the Hong Leong Group as a conglomerate with more than 300 companies.

According to Forbes, Sherman and his dad’s net worth was estimated to be US$3.4 billion.

Eik Tse’s grandfather, Kwek Hong, migrated from Tongan, Fujian province, China, to Singapore.

His mother is Cecilia Kok, and he isn’t the single child of his family.

Leng Beng and Cecilia have two sons. Sherman is the eldest son of the family, while Kingston is the youngest one.

Career Details of Sherman Kwek

According to the Council for Board Diversity, Sherman Kwek is the Group Chief Executive Officer of City Developments Limited (CDL) in Singapore.

Before joining CDL, he held various leadership positions, including being the CEO of City e-Solutions Limited and the COO of Thakral Corporation Ltd.

Sherman Kwek Wife
Sherman Kwek took over his father’s post as a CEO in a pretty fair manner and expanded it abroad. (Source: AsiaOne)

Mr. Kwek started his career in New York as a financial analyst at Telligent Capital before working in the investment banking division.

With almost a decade of experience spearheading CDL’s expansion in China, Japan, and Australia, Sherman is recognized for expanding the company’s presence worldwide.

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