Jimmy Choo wife

Jimmy Choo wife, Rebecca, is a loving and supportive life partner of Jimmy. The pair met each other in college.

Jimmy Choo is a famous Malaysian fashion designer based in the United Kingdom. He is known for co-founding a handmade women’s shoes company called Jimmy Choo Ltd.

Choo was born on 25 November 1948 in George Town, Penang, British Malaya. He graduated from Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney, East London, England.

Furthermore, Jimmy was inspired by his father, who was a shoemaker. He learns the crafts from his father. After college, he worked at two design companies for nine years. Jimmy started his own business with the help of the Prince’s Trust.

Jimmy’s began his first shop in 1986 by renting an old hospital building. His designs were trendy, and he was soon noticed at London Fashion Week. His shoes were also featured in Vogue. He co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd in 1996.

After selling his 50% stake in the company in 2001, he has been concentrating on Jimmy Choo couture line. Besides his works, let’s discuss his personal life, Jimmy Choo wife, kids and married life.

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Who Is Jimmy Choo Wife, Rebecca Choo?

As a famous fashion artist, people are also curious about Jimmy Choo wife, Rebecca Choo.

Jimmy shares a beautiful bond with his partner, Rebecca Choo. According to Healthy Celeb, Jimmy first met his wife in 1982 at Cordwainers Technical. Rebecca was his classmate and was initially from Hong Kong.

Jimmy Choo wife
Jimmy Choo wife is from Hong Kong. (Source: Jimmy Choo – Weebly)

When Jimmy began his business in 1986, Rebecca joined and helped him with his work. She also cooked food for the company’s staff. She was a helpful hand to his husband.

Later, Jimmy and Rebecca got married. They have been living together for a long time and are supportive and caring of each other.

They have been spotted together in private events and functions. They are also parents of their two children.

Jimmy Choo Married Life

As mentioned earlier, Jimmy and Rebecca have been together for many years. They share a happy married life with their children and family.

However, Jimmy Choo has not revealed much about his love life and married life. But we can see their beautiful family pictures on social media.

It is not known when Jimmy and Rebecca got married. But they have been living together for many years.

Jimmy And Rebecca are close to each other. Rebecca has been a support system for Jimmy from his early career phase. Her constant support and love are also a reason behind Jimmy’s incredible career and success.

Both the pair are supportive of each other. And we wish their love to bloom like this for the rest of their life.

Jimmy Choo Kids

Jimmy Choo and Rebecca Choo are the parents of their two children, Danny Choo and Emily Choo.

Jimmy Choo’s son Danny Choo was born on 1 November 1972 in London. He is a British blogger and TV personality based in Japan. He is a director, producer and host of the Japanese TV show Culture Japan.

Jimmy Choo wife
Jimmy Choo is the father of two children. (Source: Danny Choo)

Furthermore, Danny is the owner of Mirai Inc. He is best known for his virtual mascot, Mirai Suenga. He has released his own line of fashion dolls since 2014.

Similarly, Jimmy Choo’s daughter Emily is a pastry chef. She is an incredible pastry maker. 

Both Jimmy’s children are good at designing, crafting and shoe-making. They are professionally not involved in shoe-making but are also good at it.

Overall, Jimmy Choo is an incredible fashion designer. Many people, artists and celebrities love his designs and prefer to use the excellent products of his company.

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