Mehmood Aslam Wife

Fans are curious to know about Pakistani Actor Mehmood Aslam wife. Find out more about the Actor’s family and children.

Pakistani Actor Mehmood Aslam performs on stage and television. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 1, 1950.

Also, he performs in numerous Pakistani dramas and films, and because of his extraordinary acting abilities, every one of these projects ends up on the year’s top lists.

He has acted in enduring comedies like Bulbulay and participated in great dramas like Andhera Ujala, Payas, Din, and Janjaalpura.

He can be seen in a few films made in Pakistan. He has been associated with show business since the 1970s. He has appeared in a few Lollywood productions, including “Wrong Number 2” and “Chaalawa.”

Mehmood began his acting career in 1978. He has acted in enduring comedies like Bulbulay and participated in great dramas like Andhera Ujala, Payas, Din, and Janjaalpura.

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Who Is Mehmood Aslam Wife, Amber Nosheen?

His first marriage is to a Sehgal family member, through whom he has a son and a daughter. Regrettably, he granted her a divorce because the marriage didn’t last. He later remarried Pakistani Actress Amber Nosheen after eleven years.

Amber Nausheen is another Actress who received her start at a period when Pakistan’s private television industry was thriving.

Since then, she has consistently appeared in various Drama serials, both serious and comedic.

Mehmood Aslam Wife
Mehmood Aslam with his family (Source:

Veena, Ruswa, Thora Saath Chahiye, Dil, Dard, Dhuan, and Shahzadi are severe dramas she has acted in.

After receiving praise for her performance in these dramas, Amber decided to branch out and take on a few sitcom parts, showcasing her versatility.

She has produced several successful sitcoms, including “Tujh Pe Qurban” and “Gharana Fasana.”

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Mehmood Aslam Kids and family

Mehmood has a son named Jibran Mehmood from his first marriage and two daughters from his second marriage.

He hasn’t disclosed anything other than their names. Perhaps he wants to keep their specifics hidden.

Mehmood Aslam gave birth to Mehmood in Karachi. His Father, Mohammad Aslam, was the principal and an art instructor at the Muslim Model High School in Sant Nagar, Lahore.

Mehmood Aslam Wife
Mehmood Aslam with his Wife and daughters (Source: Showbizpk)

He is a pivotal figure in the program. With some well-known TV actors, he has been in several highly respected TV programs on various channels.

He is a versatile Actor who succeeds at playing a wide range of roles. Mehmood exudes comfort in every position he plays, whether loud, funny, sad, or solemn.

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Mehmood Aslam family mourns his death

Actor Mehmood Aslam from Pakistan Twitter is trending with death news— At 67, Mehmood Aslam, also known as Mehmood sahab, was a well-known Actor. He passed with a smile on his face.

Mehmood started working as an Actor in 1978. In addition to appearing in notable dramas like Andhera Ujala, Payas, Din, and Janjaalpura, he has starred in memorable comedies like Bulbulay.

Only a few of his dramas are Landa Bazaar, Daray Daray Naina, Chhalawa, Achanak, Uraan, and Ladies Park. The other two are Yaariyan and Bulbulay (S-2).

Also, he appears in many Pakistani dramas and movies, and because of his exceptional acting skills, each of these productions is recognized as one of the best of the year.

His most recent dramas that are still being aired on television are Ishq Jalebi and Raqs-e-Bismil.

His family was by his side as he passed away. Mehmood Aslam may rest peacefully in heaven, we pray.

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