Hadi Khanjanpour

Khanjanpour is an actor from Tehran/Iran, famous for his work in The Lair movie.  Let’s know about Hadi Khanjanpour Wife, Kids, Family and Net Worth.

During Hadi’s sports informatics studies, he, by chance, came across a theater casting.

Alexander Brill chose Khajanpour for the leading role in the play “Ehrensache,” directed by Lutz Hubner.

In 2009, he won the Young Talent Award for the best performance at the Hessian Theater Days.

In 2010, he also won the “Günther Rühle Award” for the best acting performance at the “Young Actors Week” in Bensheim.

Young Talent Award winner in 2009 applied to the drama school in Ludwigsburg and was accepted. 

In 2011, Hadi started acting in films, first in several student shorts and graduation films, then starring in a small role in the action thriller “Labyrinth,” which was the German-Turkish.

Khanjanpour made his Television debut after playing the role of a taxi driver in “Ein strakes Team- Die Frau im roten Kleid” in 2013.

In 2015, he directed “Dr. Illegal,” the series’ pilot episode and was nominated for the First Step Award.

In 2019, he played a supporting role as a chief inspector in Kai Wessel’s multi-part “Die verlorene Tochter.”

“Günther Rühle Award” winner also played the role of a father in the award-winning feature film “Zoros Solo” in 2019.

Khanjanpour played a leading role in the multiple award-winning drama “Stille Post “(“Whispers of War”), which was released in 2022. 

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The Lair: Who Is Hadi Khanjanpour Wife?

Hadi Khanjanpour is an actor from Iran who is famous for his career as an actor. He is famous for being part of multiple award-winning drama, “Whispers of War.”

As a celebrity, many people want to know about his relationships and whether he is married.

As a part of a multiple-award-winning drama cast, people expect Hadi to have love affairs. But in the case of Hadi, he is single and is not in a relationship with anyone as of 2024.

Talking about Hadi’s wife, there is no information about him getting married.

When celebrities are single and seen with other actors/actresses in public, they are often described or labeled as “dating.” 

There are no details about Hadi’s love life, as he loves to keep his personal life private.

Despite not having information about his love life, we cannot say that he is single and is not married or dating anyone. 

“Günther Rühle Award” Hadi Kids And Family

Hadi Khanjanpour was born in May 1982 in Tehran.

Hadi moved to Germany with his family when he was five years old because of the Iraq-Iran war.

Offenbach Main is the place where he lived for around 20 years.

Hadi Khanjanpour
Hadi Khanjanpour in Roland Garros 2019 – French Open Grand Slam.(Source: Instagram)

There is no information about Hadi’s family, as he loves to keep his personal life private.

Maybe Hadi loves his family and does not want them to be bothered by the media and paparazzi, so that is the reason behind him not sharing information about his family.

Talking about his kids, there is no information about him getting married or being in a relationship with anyone. 

Despite not having information, we cannot rule out his possibility of having kids.

Lead Actor Of Whispers Of War Hadi Net Worth

Hadi is an Iranian who earned his name and fame from his career as actor.

As an actor he has a successful career as he has played parts in multiple award-winning dramas throughout his career.

Hadi is also a writer and director. He also has a successful career as a writer and director.

Hadi Khanjanpour
Hadi Khanjanpour shooting cover photo for Whisper of War. (Source: Instagram)

He won Civis Media Prize in Brussels in 2015.

Hadi won Best Director Award in 2016 for being the best director at the International Jaipur Festival in India.

Despite winning different awards and being part of award-winning dramas, there is no information about his net worth as the actor and director keeps his personal details private.

But we can assume that his main source of income is from his career as actor and director.

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