Michelle Creber Parents

People are searching for “Michelle Creber Parents”  Monique Creber And Michael Creber. Let’s dive deep into her family net worth and personal life below.

Michelle Creber Parents are immensely popular due to their undeniable talent and musical skills.

Michelle Creber is best known for Voice of Apple Bloom and the voice of Sweetie Belle in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She voiced Wendy on the television series The New Adventures of Peter Pan.

The Monique-Michael couple welcomed their single child on September 7, 1999. Born as Michelle Nicole Creber, the actress spent her childhood in Vancouver British Columbia. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Michael Creber and his wife Monique Creber raised their daughter in a home that comprised both a recording studio and a music school. To broaden Michelle Creber’s career, her parents introduced her to a wide variety of performances.

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Who Are Monique Creber And Michael Creber?

Monique Creber and Michael Creber are immensely popular as “Michelle Creber Parents”. Crebers were in the music industry for decades but were brought into the limelight after Michelle grew up.

Michelle first appeared on stage at age one in her parent’s arms. Her first recording sessions and concert solo began at age four.  Michelle made her initial major gig voicing Lucy in Peanuts at seven.

At the age of eight, Michelle Creber started her music theatre production and by ten, she starred in Disney’s Seach for Santa Paws. Michelle visited studios and attended concerts and tours with her parents especially her mother Monique.

Michelle Creber Parents Michael Creber Monique Creber
Michelle Creber wishes Monique Creber on Women’s Day. Source: Instagram

Michelle’s biggest inspiration was her mother Monique who is a singer, Producer Teacher, and Director. In comparison, her father Michael Creber is a Pianist, Violinist, and Music Producer.

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Michelle Creber Parents Run “Blue Frog Studio”

Whichever position Michelle Creber holds today is all because of her parents Monique Creber and Michael Creber. There may be few people in the world who don’t recognize the Creber Family. 

Michelle Creber Parents held the Magic Of Christmas concert. Source: Instagram

“Michelle Creber Parents” own an esteemed company “Blue Frog Studio” in Canada. Recently, Michelle Creber, her father Michael, and her mother Monique Creber held “The Magic of Christmas” concert.

The concert featured performances by vocalists and songwriters like Shari Ulrich, Natalie Sharp, and Jasmine Barucha. The virtual tickets for concerts cost around $7.50 with 72 hours of access.

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Meet Michelle Creber Parents: Monique Creber And Michael Creber

“Michelle Creber Parents” lived in Vancouver, Canada at the time of their daughter’s birth. Her parents introduced her to music and performing arts at a young age.

Michelle’s mother Monique Creber possesses a rich alto-singing vocal that The Province compared her to the great Karen Carpenter.

Michelle Creber Parents
Michelle Creber Parents share a good understanding with her partner. Source: Instagram

Monique Creber has a wide-ranging career as a performer, artist manager, business owner, musical director, singer, arranger, and consultant. On top of that, Monique Creber has performed on the Vicki Gabereau Show, The Early Edition.

“Michelle Creber Parent” Monique performed alongside Canadian stars such as Valdy, Jim Byrnes, Rankin Sisters, Michael Burgess, and Shari Ulrich. 

Vancouver’s popular musicians frequently visited Creber’s music studio “Blue Frog Studio” for rehearsals and recording sessions. Thus, growing up in an artistic family, “Michelle Creber” chose to perform arts. 

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Michelle Creber Family And Net Worth

“Michelle Creber Parents” is pretty much more popular than the rest of their family members. Michelle Creber has a whopping net worth of $4 million as of 2023. While her celebrity parents have a combined wealth of $6 million.

“Michelle Creber Parents” generates big chunks from concerts, selling albums, contracts, tours, and travels. In addition, Michelle Crebel’s parents earn a big fortune by selling tickets for concerts. 

Michelle Creber Parents are presently enjoying an extravagant lifestyle with their only kid Michelle and her same-sex partner.

Michelle Creber has not been married to date. But it seems like she is in a live-in-together relationship.

“Michelle Creber Parents” are often seen lavishing get together with their to be daughter in law. The actress’s parents supports her in her professional as well as personal life.

The Canadian actress Michelle Creber is openly a lesbian. And, she has been dating her same-sex partner since December 7, 2015.

Most recently, the lesbian duo marked their seven year together posting a cozy picture of the two on their Instagram handle.

However, the bitter fact about Michelle Creber’s partner is that she hasn’t announced the name of her sweetheart publicly.

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