Marcel Marceau Daughter

Where is Marcel Marceau daughter Aurélia Marceau now? Aurélia has continued her Father’s legacy in the world of performance and art while also establishing herself as a talented artist in her own right.

Marcel Marceau was a French Actor and mime artist widely regarded as one of the most outstanding performers in the history of mime.

He performed worldwide and frequently had music or sound effects playing in the background.

Marceau was not only a performer but also a writer and a teacher. He established a mime school in Paris and authored several books.

The legacy of Marcel Marceau has had a significant impact on mime and has impacted generations of artists.

He will always be remembered as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century for his contributions to the theater and performing world.

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Where Is Marcel Marceau Daughter Aurélia Marceau Now?

Marcel Marceau’s daughter Aurélia Marceau is not actively engaged on social media. So, her current whereabouts are not known to the public.

Nevertheless, she appears to be actively pursuing her career as a performer and visual artist and has participated in various projects worldwide.

Aurélia is a performer and artist, just like her Father. She has experience in several industries, including visual arts, film, and theater. Mime, dance, and acrobatics are frequently used in her performances.

Marcel Marceau Daughter
Marcel Marceau’s daughter Aurélia Marceau is not actively engaged on social media. So, her current whereabouts are not known to the public (Source: Wfilm)

In addition, she worked alongside her Father on several projects, including the creation of his final play, “The Bowler Hat.” When her Father passed away in 2007, she continued performing and carrying on his tradition.

Aurélia works as a visual artist in addition to being a performer. Her works have been shown in galleries and museums all around the world.

Since the age of seven, Aurélia has been actively involved in the theatrical world and has toured with a Company throughout France and Europe.

Marcel’s daughter temporarily paused her theatrical career to obtain her film license from Paris 3.

However, she later returned to the Eye of Silence Company to take on the challenging role of Hamlet.

She has performed in various productions, including “The Memory of Women” at Teater Der Welt in Frankfurt and Teatro Fernan Gomez in Madrid.

Meet Marcel Marceau Wife 

Marcel Marceau, a well-known Actor, was married three times in his life.

Huguette Mallet was his first wife; they had two kids together, Michel and Baptiste, after getting married in 1946. In 1959, they got divorced.

Marcel Marceau Daughter
Marcel Marceau, a well-known Actor, was married three times in his life (Source: Rue89strasbourg)

In 1965, Marcel Marceau wed Anne Sicco, who would become his second wife. They were married until Marceau’s passing in 2007, and they had one child together, Aurélia Marceau.

Ella Jaroszewicz was Marcel Marceau’s third wife, whom he wed in 1975. They stayed together till getting divorced in 1997.

Marcel Marceau Parents Anne Werzberg and Charles Mangel: Explore His Family

Marcel Marceau was born Marcel Mangel on March 22, 1923, in Strasbourg, France. His parents were Anne Werzberg and Charles Mangel.

The family of Charles Mangel was Jewish, and he had a kosher butcher shop.

During World War II, Marcel Marceau and his brother Alain changed their last name to Marceau to avoid detection by the Nazis.

Tragically, Marceau’s Father was deported to Auschwitz and passed away in 1944, but his mother survived the war and reunited with her sons.

The experiences of Marcel Marceau during the war heavily influenced his artistic work, particularly his well-known character, Bip the Clown, who has come to represent the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity.

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Marcel Marceau Cause Of Death – His Legacy Still Remains Memorable

Mime is fascinating not only for how the mime artists express their actions without using speech but also for their eloquence and grace. It is pretty challenging to practice the art of silence, and mime artists pour their hearts and soul into their performances.

When discussing mime artists, one name that always pops into people’s minds is Marcel Marceau. He can be credited for making mime popular as performing art worldwide, thanks to his stage persona “Bip the Clown.”

The visual artist portrayed his stage persona for over sixty years, influencing many aspiring artists to follow in his footsteps. He traveled worldwide to spread Lárt du silence (the art of silence), made numerous tv appearances, acted in motion pictures, and published several books.

Forever inclined to make mime known, Marceau’s legacy is carried by other mime artists who work hard to continue mime culture. Unfortunately, the legendary mime artist is no longer with us.

Marcel Marceau Cause Of Death
Marcel Marceau’s cause of death isn’t precisely known (Source: Forbes)

Many must be curious about Marcel Marceau’s cause of death, but the precise details are unknown. As per a CNN article, he passed away after a battle with a long illness on September 22, 2007.

Moreover, some sites claim the late visual artist passed away from a heart attack/cardiac arrest. However, reliable sites like Reuters have stated that the exact cause of Marcel Marceau’s death has not been given.

The French native died at eighty-four in the Cahors retirement home. It was the day of Yom Kippur, the Jewish calendar’s holiest day. He was buried with a floppy top hat with a red flower (trademarks of Bip the Clown) resting near his coffin.

Later, the hat and flower were placed before Marcel’s grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. Three hundred people attended his funeral to pay respects holding carnations and roses.

Furthermore, the French flag was draped over Marceau’s coffin, and the National Order of Merit and the Legion of Honor medals were pinned to a cushion. Tributes came from fans worldwide after the passing of the mime legend.

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin, Marcel went on to inspire millions of people, including Michael Jackson. He continues to serve as a motivation and inspiration in the mime community.

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