Nicola Bulley Teeth

Nicola Bulley Teeth: Her dental records were used to identify the body of Nicola Bulley, which was recovered from the River Wyre on Sunday.

Born in Essex, Nicola Jane Bulley, age 45, relocated to Lancashire in the late 1990s. She and her 44-year-old partner were parents to two daughters who resided in the Inskip village.

Bulley was a mortgage consultant. Police and medical personnel visited the family home on January 10 in response to a “concern for welfare,” according to the Police, who claimed that Bulley had problems with alcohol and perimenopause.

On January 27, 2023, Nicola vanished as she walked her dog in St. Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire, UK. According to Lancashire Constabulary, the working theory is that she fell into the River Wyre.

They soon announced that there was no indication of either suspicious behavior or outside participation in the disappearance.

But after a thorough search of the river and the surrounding area conducted by Police divers, helicopters, sniffer dogs, and drones, no body was discovered.

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What Happened To Nicola Bulley Teeth?

Once her corpse was discovered in reeds by members of the public 23 days after she disappeared, Nicola Bulley was formally identified by dental records, an inquest into her death heard today.

The missing mother’s body was discovered in the River Wyre last week close to where she was last seen, and the community’s worries were eventually realized to be true when she was recognized.

Nicola Bulley Teeth
A Timeline of Nicola Bulley’s disappearance (Source: Nytimes)

Today, it was revealed in Preston Coroner’s Court that dentist Andrew Ian Edwards had reviewed her dental records, which the Police had received from a prior operation.

After a tip from two walkers, the mother-of-two was located 23 days after going missing, less than a mile from where she was last seen.

At the beginning of the inquiry, she heard today that Nicola was recognized by her dental records.

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Did Nicola Ever Have Plastic Surgery?

If Nicola Bulley underwent plastic surgery or not is still unknown.

She underwent an autopsy, but the results have not yet been released.

The family has been told of the date, time, and location of the start of the inquest, but they have decided not to attend for reasons I can completely understand, according to Dr. Adeley.

After checking the availability of a Home Office pathologist, he claimed that the remaining pieces of evidence acquired by the Police and the post-mortem examination results need “additional review” and that a full inquest is likely to be convened in June.

The coroner stated, “This will give time to gather the case’s facts and give the professionals involved a chance to finalize the results from investigations that still need to be conducted.”

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What happened to Nicola Bulley?

On January 27, Ms. Bulley’s body was recovered from the River Wyre in Lancashire on Sunday, more than three weeks after she was last seen.

Nicola Bulley Teeth
Missing Nicola Bully with her husband (Source:

She dropped her girls, ages six and nine, at school and then went for a dog walk in St. Michael’s on Wyre.

The Lancashire Police described the inquiry into her abduction as “hugely complex and profoundly emotional” during a press conference on Monday.

The Police also declined to say why it took 23 days to discover her body in the river.

Following the finding of her remains, Ms. Bulley’s family stated on Monday that they can now allow her to “rest now.”

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