Candy Montgomery’s affair with neighbor Allan Gore became tabloid fodder after she killed his wife, Betty Gore, in “self-defense.”

What Does Candy Montgomery Look Like Now? Is She in Jail? Many people have been curious about her present whereabouts. Thus, we are here to address everything known about her to date.

Following her crime, many true-crime programs have revisited the gruesome axe murder committed by the 30-year-old educator. Gore’s siblings even shared their responses to the incident in an episode of “Snapped” on the Oxygen network.

HBO Max’s latest miniseries, Love and Death, is inspired by the same homicide that shook the tranquil community of Wylie, Texas, during the 1980s.

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What Does Candy Montgomery Look Like Now? 

Montgomery was 30 years old when she killed Betty and was wedded to Pat Montgomery, an electrical engineer.

After their initial meeting at a church service, Gore, a middle school teacher, and Montgomery formed a strong bond.

Living in the vicinity with her spouse Allan and two kids, Gore was involved in marital infidelity with Montgomery.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Candy’s legal representative called upon psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason to give evidence, claiming that Montgomery experienced a “dissociative response” and did not know how many times she had struck Betty.

Despite the gravity of the crime, the jury believed Montgomery’s plea of self-defense, which resulted in her not serving any time behind bars, leaving the public stunned.

Although the court ruled in Montgomery’s favor, public opinion was heavily divided. 

What Does Candy Montgomery Look Like Now
What Does Candy Montgomery Look Like Now? Trial Update (Source: Star Telegram)

Candy and her husband Pat remained together and moved to Georgia after the trial. However, their relationship eventually ended, and they separated four years later.

One of the hottest topics: What does Candy Montgomery look like now? Well, the only reasonable answer would be the older herself.

Candy was a hot topic for the media in the 1980s, and they wouldn’t miss a single court trial for their coverage. Still, after her trial ended and she was called “not guilty,” she strongly hesitated to make any appearances on TV.

Reportedly, she currently resides in the country’s southern region and is using her maiden name, Wheeler.

At 72 years old, it is ironic that Candy now serves as a mental health worker, given her past.

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Candy Montgomery Trial Update

During her trial, Candy Montgomery received legal counsel from a civil law attorney, Don Crowder, and a defense attorney, Robert Udashen.

District Judge Tom Ryan presided over the trial in McKinney, Texas, and concluded within eight days.

She claimed that she acted in self-defense, stating that Gore had attacked her first following an altercation concerning Montgomery’s extramarital relationship with Allan, Gore’s husband.

Candy said she resorted to using an axe in response to Gore’s attempt to hit her with the same weapon just moments before.

Candy Montgomery
Candy Montgomery and her husband Pat after the end of her trail and release (Source: Star Telegram)

Before the trial, Montgomery underwent a polygraph examination that showed her answers to be truthful.

The district attorney, Tom O’Connell, contended that Montgomery could escape the situation rather than resorting to violence against Gore.

Additionally, O’Connell argued that Montgomery’s attack, consisting of 41 strikes, was an unreasonable and disproportionate response to the alleged threat posed by Gore.

Candy went completely low-profile after the end of her trial on October 30, 1980. She is not active on social media platforms, so keeping track of her present whereabouts is hard.

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