What Did Joel Tell Ellie About The Fireflies

If you have watched The last of us, you probably already know what did Joel Tell Ellie about the Fireflies. If you haven’t observed it already, the Last of Us finale is explained in this article.

The game was first released for the PlayStation 3 in June 2013, and the PlayStation 4 received a remastered version in July 2014.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a fungal infestation has endangered humanity.

The game centres on Joel, a smuggler entrusted with accompanying a young woman named Ellie throughout the nation to locate a band of rebels known as the Fireflies.

Johan Renck is the show’s director, while Naughty Dog is the series producer. Joel will be portrayed in the show by Pedro Pascal, Ellie by Bella Ramsey, and Hannah by Sonia Maria Chirila.

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What Did Joel Tell Ellie About The Fireflies?

To put it mildly, “The Last of Us” HBO’s season finale had some difficult moments. Joel goes on a rampage through the Fireflies’ facility, killing practically everyone there and fleeing with Ellie after learning that the gang would have to operate on her that would kill her.

He is aware that by doing this, he has wasted the Fireflies’ one chance to discover a treatment for the Cordyceps infection that has ravaged the planet and infected humanity.

What Did Joel Tell Ellie About The Fireflies
Did Ellie believe Joel’s lie (Source: Looper)

When Ellie wakes, Joel tells her that the Fireflies have given up attempting to manufacture a vaccine and that raiders destroyed the hospital. Ellie keeps quiet and faces away from Joel.

Ellie asks Joel to reassure her once more as the episode concludes that he is telling the truth and that the Fireflies did send them on their way after learning there was no cure.

Joel promises to tell the truth as he stares her in the eyes. Following Ellie’s “Alright,” the episode goes dark.

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The Last Of Us Finale Explained: Why did Joel lie?

Marlene explains that they can probably use Ellie’s immunity to develop a treatment, but they must first murder her. By the way, she doesn’t instruct Joel to let him have a say in the situation.

She’s merely informing him lousy error. Joel learns about the requirements for creating a vaccine after Ellie has already undergone surgery.

Joel is cooperative until Marlene releases him. And he instantly starts to attack people. This is portrayed in the game as several challenges that serve as the last boss battle.

But, in the series, as Joel shoots Firefly after Firefly, the sound is muffled, a decision that highlights how detached he is from his deeds.

What Did Joel Tell Ellie About The Fireflies
The Last of us ending explained (Source: Latimes)

Joel ultimately finds his way to the operating room after successfully taking out most of this revolutionary bunch himself. Joel shoots the surgeon in the head when he tries to stop him.

Ellie is then picked up by Joel and driven back to Jackson. He tells her a lie when she awakens in the back of the truck, one that will forever define their relationship and this franchise that the Fireflies couldn’t use her to create a vaccine and that many people are genuinely immune.

Ellie follows up with several inquiries, but Joel refuses to change the subject. He chose not to kill everyone to save her, forsaking the one treatment option available to humanity. Nope.

Countless reasons Joel lied to Ellie about saving her from the Fireflies. He doesn’t want her to bear the burden of all the victims he sacrificed to save her or even the burden of humanity.

Selfishly, he doesn’t want to lose the person who has made his life worthwhile in recent years. He doesn’t want Ellie to think of him as a monster.

After all, he ended up killing a LOT of people. That much bloodshed is challenging to defend in any way. But above all, he is Ellie’s Father.

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