Wes Gibbins Death

How To Get Away With Murder fans are searching for Wes Gibbins Death. They want to know if he is dead or alive.

One of the main characters in How To Get Away With Murder was Wesley “Wes” Gibbins, who was Christophe Edmond when he was born but later changed his name to Wesley Gibbins.

Wes was able to enroll at Middleton University and learn about the harsh reality of the criminal justice system and some of Annalise’s most intimate secrets because of Annalise Keating.

Due to his boy-next-door appeal, Wes was an outcast when he first came to Middleton Law School.

Right before he passed away, Laurel Castillo and he were dating, and she was already pregnant.

To stop Wes from implicating Laurel and devaluing Antare’s stock when they filed for an IPO by telling the authorities about shooting Annalise and killing Sam, Jorge Castillo gave Dominick Flores the order to assassinate Wes.

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Wes Gibbins Death – who Killed Alfred Enoch Character?

Yes, Wes Gibbins was murdered in season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder. Alfred Enoch had gained quite a fanbase as Wes, and his sudden death definitely upset many fans.

In season 3 of the show, Dominick (Nicholas Gonzalez) was given the order to murder Wes by Laurel’s (Karla Souza) Father.

Jorge Castillo had Wes slain to stop him from telling the Police about a vast list of crimes that would have implicated Laurel and, as a result, her family’s criminal operations.

Wes Gibbins Death
Wes Gibbins Death Pictures on How to get away with murder season 3. (Source: Youtube)

Dominick even set Fire to Annalise’s House to burn the body and destroy the evidence. Sadly, no one knew Laurel was already pregnant with Wes’s child.

The season’s finale revealed that Wes Gibbins did not attend Annalise’s funeral. Alfred Enoch reprised his role as Christopher, Wes, and Laurel’s grown son.

The show’s final minutes cut to decades later when Annalise had passed away following a long, challenging life.

Christopher arrived to honor his mentor Annalise and to drive Laurel, who is becoming older, to the burial.

Wes Gibbins Is Alive And In Good Health

According to ABC Theories, Wes Gibbins from “How to Get Away with Murder” is still alive.

One of the biggest shocks for How to Get Away with Murder watchers was the return of Wes Gibbins.

Viewers last saw Wes, the Father of Laurel’s kid, in Season 3, and it was assumed that he had died in a House Fire.

Furthermore, according to Connor, he tried to revive Wes but failed. Readers of a topic from a year ago on Reddit were convinced that Wes had passed away.

One person commented, “The cremation would be more of a big deal if we hadn’t seen his dead body and organs being taken out of his body. But we witnessed everything.”

Fans are unprepared for their hearts to be broken once more after grieving the loss of Wes in Season 3.

While Wes’ demise may not have been easy for his admirers to take, they appeared to be reasonably sure he was no longer with them after his DNA was verified and his organs were removed from his corpse.

The creators of HTGAWM have already employed this twist; at the beginning of Season 6, Annalise was healing and contemplating having her funeral.

Wes Gibbins Death
Wes Gibbins on season 6 of How to get away with murder. (Source: TV Guide)

Annalise saw Christopher in the vision opening her coffin before he pulled a gun on her. Maybe someone is having dreams about the wake.

Bustle claims that Annalise may have helped Wes fake his death, and the two have kept in touch ever since.

This hypothesis is improbable, though, given that Annalise was upset by Wes’ passing. The series is currently in a position where everything seems imaginable.

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