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Virgin River character actor Ava Anton Wikipedia is seemingly missing from the internet, but her presence in the series is making up the mark.

Ava Anton is a theatre and film actress/writer based in Los Angeles, California, who featured on season 5 of the Virgin River TV series.

Ava is new to the scene but brings a fresh look at acting, and people love her on Virgin River’s release on September 7, 2023. 

She is savvy enough to see intelligent and sharp choices in a scene and creates a warm and positive environment for her actors.

Apart from featuring on the “Virgin River,” she has a decent reputation as a trainer for acing acting and scenography.

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Virgin River Ava Anton Wikipedia

Based on Ava’s theater presence and work, it’s reasonable that Aava Anton Wikipedia doesn’t exist.

However, relying on a reference from Superprof, the hiring website, she is a professionally trained theater artist from UCLA-Theater.

Diving about the British lady’s working experience, she has worked as an actor and writer in theater and television.

Anton has worked in various popular productions, ranging from Off-Broadway to HBO, Netflix, and NBC.

She has been involved in various projects as a series regular, voice-over artist, and guest star.

Being a bicoastal, which means she resides in NY and LA, she has been accessing and maintaining her busy schedule as a personal trainer and acting from the place.

Additionally, Ava Anron was involved in Off-Broadway in the award-winning Lucille Lortel Best Off-Broadway Play of the Year 2022, “English”.

Possibly because of her teaching ability, she understood the filmography and acting very well and eventually featured in “Virgin River 5” as Hazel.

ava anton wikipedia
Ava Anton, aka Hazel from season 5 of Virgin Island, is an actor and an acting trainer. (Source: The Pioneer Woman)

Thus, laking information on Ava Anton Wikipedia has led to havoc, while information on the hiring page speaks much about her.

Further, she is familiar with on-camera techniques and focuses on breaking down scenes, audition techniques, and college audition prep.

As a coach, she can help students self-tape, college audition prep, on-camera technique, and scene work.

She has curated the skills of her students based on the level of rhythm with an artistic presence and optimistic yet honest teachings.

Ava Anton’s lesson information on Superprof has a star rating, and even reviews are pretty good, which speaks about her out-of-ordinary skills.

Age and Family of Hazel from Virgin River

However, after an analysis of her photo available on the internet, the British actress looks pretty young, most probably in her mid-20s.

Ava Anton is young and beautiful but hasn’t yet gotten big-time exposure, which signifies that she is young and still trying to make her career work.

Tracing some details, she must have been born between 1995 and 1999, which makes her somewhat aged between 24 and 29.

She is not present on social media, and the information is based on analysis since there is no means to verify the details.

Besides information about Ava’s growing career, few details are published anywhere.

ava anton wikipedia
Ava Anton and the other cast of Virgin River season 5. (Source: Vigour Times)

Diving into her family, it’s impossible to guess whether or not she lives with her parents due to no media presence.

But as she has graduated and trained from a British drama school, it’s not difficult to guess that she is of British descent.

However, the fact remains unverified and doubtful because she lives in the United States between LA and New York.

Net Worth of Ava Anton

Ava Anton is an actor, acting, and cinematography trainer, though she must earn a decent income.

Since no legal source has spoken about the net income of the lady, her net worth is out of public reach.

Based on the Superprof hiring site, Ava Anton’s hourly rate for acting coaching is $55.

ava anton wikipedia
Hazel, aka Ava Anton’s profile on the Superprof site as an actor and scenography trainer. (Source: Superprof)

She also offers package rates of $275 for 5 hours and $550 for 10 hours of coaching.

It is mentioned that most acting coaching ranges from $100-250 per hour, but Anton prioritizes making her coaching accessible and affordable, hence her lower rates.

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